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Business Analysis: The Best Way to Start a Project

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Start a Project with Business Analysis How do projects get started in your organization? A strong business analysis practice can save an organization significant time and money by weeding out low-value projects and prioritizing valuable ones based on business need and realistic, expected benefits. If you’re thinking, “well, it depends,” you are not alone. Few organizations have a well-defined, consistent way of deciding when work becomes a project. Six Step Process for Evaluating Stakeholder Requests Having a consistent process assures stakeholders that every request will be considered equally. As titles and job responsibilities vary in organizations, any professional with strong business analysis skills can manage this pre-project work. Follow these six steps to develop a structure for evaluating stakeholder requests: Receive request for work Analyze the request Agree on a solution approach and develop a business case Prioritize against other projects Get approval and funding Assign a project manager and…

PMP® Exam Change 2021

PMP® Exam Changes for 2021 Now is the time to get your PMP certification.  PMI® has announced that the PMP certification exam will change on January 2, 2021. This announcement gives you time to get your application submitted and to prepare to take the exam before the exam changes.  Stay current on the latest PMP exam information. PMP 2021 Exam Content Outline – What’s New? The exam change is prompted by the June 2019 release of a new PMP Exam Content Outline. The Exam Content Outline provides a basic description of the number of questions that will be on the PMP exam.  It also includes the number of domains and the percentage of questions within each domain. A significant difference for the new exam is a change from five performance domains to just three domains. Those domains will include People, making up 42% of questions, Process with 50% of questions,…

Manager vs. Leader: Which Are You?

As a professional in project management, you don’t only manage projects, you also lead teams. So, being able to work as both a manager and a leader can help you excel and really stand out in the workplace.

It’s worth taking some time to uncover the things that differentiate a manager from a leader. After all, some people who are leaders might not make the best managers, and vice versa. But if you’re determined to be both, you can hone your skills to manage and lead more effectively.

Take a look at the information below on managers vs. leaders to figure out which one you are, and to gain a clearer picture of what you might need to do to advance your career.

How to Use Rita Mulcahy’s Exam Prep Products for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam

Rita Mulcahy started RMC with the modest idea of helping people pass the PMP® Exam. Her best-selling book, PMP® Exam Prep, set an industry standard for training material. Rita’s dream lives on today as we continue to help students pursue their passion and advance their careers. Organization Most of the chapters in this book have been organized the same way: an introductory discussion, a list of Quicktest topics (generally listed in order of importance), Rita’s Process Chart, review materials, and a practice exam. All page references in this book refer to the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition, unless otherwise stated. This PMP® Exam Prep book can be used alone, but it is also part of our PMP Exam Prep System that includes our PM FASTrack Cloud exam simulator as well as our Hot Topics flashcards. Introduction to Each Chapter The introductory discussion provides an overview of the chapter and key information for understanding the material covered in…

Two Methods to Calculate the Forward and Backward Passes in a Network Diagram

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Calculate Forward and Backward Passes in a Network Diagram How do you calculate starts and finishes for your project activities un a network diagram? If you are using project scheduling software to perform the calculations—the software does the work for you. However, if you are planning taking the PMP® exam you will need to know how to perform these calculations  on your own for the test. There are two methods to calculate calculate forward and backwards passes in a network diagram.  One of these methods is easier to learn and use if you are taking the PMP exam.  The other method is more applicable in real world situation.  Download the PDF document Two Methods to Calculate the Forward and Backwards Passes in a Network at the at the top of the post.  You will to learn both methods to calculate starts and finishes in a network diagram. Which Method is…

Importance of Team Dynamics

Listening to everyone’s excitement yesterday over the win of the NBA title of Cleveland over Oakland was great.  I thought the sportscaster I listened to made a very astute observation.  While everyone believes LeBron James is a great player, maybe the best in the league, this person’s observation was that Oakland was made up of better players but that Cleveland actually has a better team. But what doe this have to do with the importance of team dynamics?

That’s a great comment and one that is likely quite true.

To BA or Not BA . . .

That is the question…..

Ok, I know the title is a bit corny, but hopefully got your attention.  This week BBC 2015 opens in Las Vegas, so talking about Business Analysis is timely.

The real question that comes up time after time is as a Project Manager, how often do you find yourself doing all or part of the Business Analyst role on your projects?

Time To Think Out of the Box?

Talk about overused expressions! This one has certainly run its course over the last 5-10 years.  As much as I tire of hearing the phrase “Think out of the box”, I have to wonder about the use of the “box” metaphor.

Maybe there is a physical reason? Back in the late 20th century, we found ourselves with the need to employ many knowledge workers.  So, in the interest of efficiently utilizing floor space and affording them the privacy they needed to do their work, we put them all in these 3′ x 5′ boxes that were 5′ high on three sides.  Of course, it is now the 21st century and we now know that rather than make them productive, it made them feel physically and emotionally isolated.

LEAN UX Workshop

I had an opportunity to attend a LEAN UX (User Experience) workshop taught by Jeff Gothelf from Neo last week.

LEAN UX Materials

Jeff did a great job delivering the materials.  The workshop was fun and informative.  If you get a chance to attend one of these, I would highly recommend it.  If you cannot, then reading Jeff’s book would be worthwhile, LEAN UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience.

While there are many parallels that can be drawn from RMC’s Agile Practice and workshops, there are insights from Jeff’s workshop that are interesting from a product design and product marketing perspective that are worth exploring.

RMC International Distributor Meeting – Budapest

Just got back into the office after having spent a week in Budapest with our Distributor Partners from all over the world. It was great renewing our friendships and learning from one another about worldwide training trends and opportunities.  We had many training sessions and discussions regarding best practices and future directions for our industry.  All the way around it was extremely productive. We’re now in over 60 countries and have been meeting yearly for the last 4 years in a different city. I am amazed at how cohesive the network has become.  We deliver identical RMC training of all types and formats all over our worldwide network, which our customers have come to know and count on. We invite you to learn more about becoming and International Partner of RMC. Or if you are interested in ordering products or attending classes in your region, find your local distributor! Thanks…

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