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Introducing Agile-Change Resistance Strategies

In the first webinar and blog post, we looked at the five Ws (Why, Who, What, When, Where) of introducing agile. In this post, we will examine challenges and resistance to change. Change Challenges As a believer in agile methods and someone who has witnessed the benefits they can bring and the great buzz of an effective agile team, I used to think rolling out the agile method would be a no-brainer. Wrong. Pitfall #8: Underestimating change Resistance. Achieving successful, lasting change is difficult. Changing processes is even harder because a process is a system designed to resist change. Think about it. If every new type of requirement or defect that came along required a change to our development process, we would be in trouble. Processes are deliberately designed to resist change, which makes throwing them out or morphing them, more difficult than changing, say our time recording system “…a process…

Satisfying Stakeholders with Agile Requirements

As organizations work to be more agile and nimble, people responsible for eliciting and analyzing requirements are working to find new ways to understand and communicate about user and product needs.

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