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Tricks of the Trade: Project Communication Effect

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Six Considerations for Project Communication Management Planning. Read Tricks of the Trade Project Communication Effect

5 Reasons to Care about Project Communication

Project CommunicationProject managers spend 90 percent of their time on communication related activities; yet communication is reported to be the No. 1 problem on projects.

Consider the following example: While planning one of my projects, my core project team assessed our sponsor, “William”, to have high influence but low interest in our project. William would routinely arrive late to meetings, be distracted by his phone, and leave early saying he had more important meetings to attend. When he was present, his gloomy attitude affected the rest of the team. They did not want to speak up in front of him fearing that they may have to face his disdain.

Cowboys and the Global Project

Projects requiring coordination among cultures are on the rise and are here to stay. A project manager could be implementing a project in their own country and easily have stakeholders from India, China, Mexico, or Israel, for example. Each stakeholder will bring different points of view based on their upbringing and experiences—based on their culture. Savvy project managers who are able to navigate different cultures will not only deploy global projects more successfully in the future, but will also increase their professional capital.

Customer Service, Please

“For English, please say or press 1,” so you press 1. The friendly automated voice says, “I am sorry. I did not get that. What would you like to do?” So you say  “1.” The friendly voice then asks, “Did you say ‘1’? Press or say 1 for yes, and 2 for no.” So you say, “Customer service.” The voice replies right back with, “Okay, I will transfer you to a representative, BUT first, please tell me the reason for your call,” followed by a list of options that are not relevant to your call. Here, then, are your options, and not one of them is what you need, so you repeat “customer service” and she repeats the same list. By this point, five minutes have passed and you don’t even have a spot in the customer service center queue.

Be a Catalyst for Change

Agent of ChangeI want to introduce myself in my first blog on Converging 360. As leader of the Project Management Area of practice for RMC Project Management, I wear many hats within our organization. In addition to being a trainer, I am a speaker and presenter, subject matter expert, and curriculum developer. And as of today … I am also a Converging 360 blogger!

First of all, let me say that I am truly blessed. I was hired and mentored by Rita Mulcahy, and had the honor of working with her for 18 months.

Tip Sheet: Tips for Planning Communication on Projects

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Having a well-thought-out and documented communications management plan from the very beginning of a project can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Too often project managers (PMs) approach their projects without planning communications. They may focus all their communication efforts on issuing status reports. Status reports are, of course, important, but all they do is describe where your project currently stands: they don’t address the communication needs of the project from beginning to end. Given how crucial communication is to the project and project team, a failure to plan communications can lead to misunderstandings, rework, and other problems.