Last minute hints for passing CBAP/CCBA
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Last Minute Hints to Passing the CBAP®/CCBA® Exam

Time pressure. Deadline. Businessman trying to stop time. Time Management. “What should I do to pass before the deadline?”

So you waited until the last month to take your CBAP® or CCBA® Exam? I won’t lecture you on procrastination (although I am very tempted to!).  I have been getting quite a few questions from people trying to finish by Sept. 22, 2016 when the IIBA® BABOK® Guide V2 exams expire. The most common question is “What should I do to pass before the deadline?”

You can’t cram the IIBA’s BABOK Guide V2 in your head in one month but if you have been working in business analysis and have studied occasionally over the last few months (or years), you may still have time to pass the exam.  I thought I would give you a few list minute hints.

  1. Focus on IIBA BABOK V2 Tasks – if you understand the work being described by each task you should be able to reason out the inputs/outputs/stakeholders/techniques. Think of work you have done for each task to help remember the task’s meaning.
  2. Re-read chapter one of the BABOK before you take the exam, there are many important key concepts covered.
  3. Answer every question – if you can narrow down the correct answer choices to two, you have a 50% chance of getting it right.
  4. Whenever in doubt about an answer, ask yourself – “What would be best for the business?” Many situational questions test your allegiance to and support of the business people and ongoing operations.
  5. Use a study guide and practice questions. We have a few left in our warehouse and they are on sale!

Good luck, let me know when you pass.  The IIBA has waived the three-month wait period if you don’t pass on your first try so don’t wait until Sept. 22 to take the exam.

Or You Could Wait

The BABOK Guide V3 is an excellent resource and new exams referencing it will be available, this year, beginning Sept. 30th. You may decide to wait and learn the new standard. People who pass using version 2 are probably going to have to learn version 3 anyway as their organizations begin to adopt its best practices.  To procrastinate or not, that is the question!

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