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Upcoming Changes to Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep Book

It’s that time again. The Project Management Institute® (PMI) has updated their book A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This occurs every four years. It’s PMI’s way of keeping the book current with today’s project management practices.

For RMC it means that all of our books, software, and classes have to be revised to stay in alignment with the PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition. It also provides us with the opportunity to make other changes to our products and courses so we can deliver the best possible learning experiences. And we are hard at it. Read on to learn about what exactly we are changing and how it aligns with the new PMBOK® Guide.

RMC’s flagship product, Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep book, is currently undergoing extensive changes. Many are driven by updates found within the PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition, while others are made to improve the learning experience and incorporate feedback from our readers and students. We also utilize in-house knowledge gained after the publication of the Eighth edition.

For example, the PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition has expanded the Integration Management to include a new “Project Integration Management” process called “Manage Project Knowledge” and provides for the creation of a lessons learned register. To support this our book gives more attention to these new tasks. This is consistent with what RMC has always taught in our courses and described in our products. Our latest work contains new content about the management of project knowledge in our Integration Management chapter.

The expansion of Risk Management in the new PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition includes the “Implement Risk Responses” process to clarify confusion that many project managers have regarding the time when risk response implementation should occur. We’ve updated our risk content in the new edition of PMP® Exam Prep to include and interpret this process.

We’ve also interpreted the changes to the Quality Management process along with the tools and techniques of all quality processes contained in the PMBOK® Guide-Sixth Edition. We added more content to expand our Quality Management chapter.

We’ve changed Human Resource Management to Resource Management. This chapter will now include content about all types of resources, and will reflect the need for project managers to acquire all resources necessary to complete a project, not just team members. We’ve also added content that describes the process of controlling resources.

In addition to our book, we are also making substantial changes to our other PMP® exam prep products. Our bestselling PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software will include new and enhanced situational questions. Our flashcards for passing the PMP® exam, Hot Topics will be aligned with our upcoming edition of Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep book. Our PMP® Exam Prep eLearning Course along with all of our Instructor-Led PMP® Exam Prep Courses are being completely updated to not only reflect current project management practices, but will have new enhancements to improve the user’s learning experience.

Look for our updated PMP® Exam Prep System that includes our book, exam simulation software, and flashcards at the end of this year. This system should be used to study for the updated PMP® exam that is scheduled to be released March 26, 2018. In the meantime, our eighth edition PMP® materials that are aligned with the PMBOK® Guide–Fifth Edition should still be your best resources to study for and pass the current PMP® exam. Please visit our website for the most current information on our product and class updates and release dates.

“Project Management Professional (PMP)®,” “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide),” are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Tim Mulcahy
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  1. hazem mohamed Reply

    When can I purchase a New Version from rita -mulacahys pmp exam Prep Books

    • Amanda Hafics Reply

      Hello Hazem,

      The 9th Edition PMP Exam Prep products will be going on pre-sale this month. Are you subscribed to your email list? If not please sign up by visiting https://rmcls.com/ and scroll to the bottom of the page. We will be sure to send you an email about our pre-sale! Thank you.

      • Andrea Bayer Reply

        Hi, I purchased the 8th edition from a RMC supplier in Brazil in Dec 2017 and have read that RMC would give discounts on the 9th edition. I live in Germany now and the shipping alone from RMC web will cost 60usd. How can I purchase the English version of this book in Germany and if possible with discount.


        Andrea Bayer

        • Andrea,

          You can purchase the book directly from our German Distributor, DXC Academy https://www.dxc-academy.com/ .

          If you were to purchase directly from us we could give you a discount with a receipt and shipping would be just under $60 USD.


          • BABACAR NDAIYE


            I m look for the french version of préparation à l’examen pmp, rita mulcahy 9éme edition.It is available.Where to purchase it

            Best Regs.

          • rmcadmin

            The 9th edition s not available in French and we have no plan to translate it ito French.

      • Norberto Margetic Reply

        Dear Amanda,
        I’m Norberto from Argentina. I intend to sit for the PMP exam at the end of May. But I’ve just figured out that the exam changed two days ago 26/3/18 because of the PMBoK V6. The problem is that I’m using RMC V8 in Spanish, and now I would need to use the RMC V9 in Spanish.
        Is the whole package available in Spanish or not yet? What do you suggest me to do?
        I’m looking forward for your advice.
        Thank you very much in advance.

        • Amanda Hafics Reply

          Hello Norberto, Thank you for your questions. Please visit https://rmcls.com/pmp-exam-changes-2018 to find release dates on all of our PMP® Exam Prep Products. Also on this page you will find how to upgrade your book to the V9 if you purchased directly from us. For further questions and detail our Customer Service team is here to help, and can be contacted at 952-846-4484 or info@rmcls.com. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Amanda

  2. Linda Woznicki Reply

    When will this version from Rita be available for purchase?

    • Amanda Hafics Reply

      Hello Linda,

      The 9th Edition PMP Exam Prep products will be going on pre-sale this month. Are you subscribed to your email list? If not please sign up and we will be sure to send you an email about our pre-sale! Thank you.

  3. Rahul Malpani Reply

    Please add me to pre-sale list of 9th edition book of pmp.

  4. i want to purchase a soft copy of rita -mulacahys pmp exam Prep Books the 9th edition

  5. Sureka Kasinath Reply

    How about the revised CAPM book aligned with the 6th edition PMBOK?

  6. Hello,

    I have Rita’s PMP Exam Prep 8th edition with 2013 copy right. But I saw the 8th edition has been updated in Aug 2015. Is there sufficient updates between the two? I am planning to take PMP exam before March 26th. Which version should I use. Please advice.

  7. Hello, does Rita’s new edition fully align with the 6th edition of the PMBK, especially re: agile practices?

    • Our PMP Exam Prep V9 fully aligns with PMBOK V6. And is designed to incorporate the concepts from PMBOK V6 to prepare you to pass the exam. It is important to note that the PMP exam is not a test on the PMBOK or the Agile Practice Guide. While the PMBOK does address “Considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments” for each knowledge area, it is used to illustrate how the PM should be tailoring their project to the development approach and the project life cycle. The Rita’s PMP Exam Prep book V9 focuses preparation to understand the work of leading and managing projects and how the PM should be thinking about the processes to be able to tailor and adapt them for applying to situations on the exam including Agile.

  8. What do you advice me to buy if I want to take the CAPM exam in April 2018?

    • If you’re using RMC you should use our current study and elearning products and take the exam before May 21st as that is when it’ll change.

      Please follow this link. https://rmcls.com/capm


  9. Feranmi Oduwole Reply


    I reside in the UK and looking to get Rita’s 9th edition pmp exam prep to be able to sit for thr exam in May. I’ve searched amazon and so many other online stores but can’t seem to find it. The cost estimate of shipping to the UK on here if I preordered is pretty much same as the book if not more.
    Is there any alternative? A soft copy maybe?

  10. Is there any place in Dubai where I can buy the 9th edition book?

  11. When can I purchase a New Version from rita -mulacahys pmp exam Prep Books in Spanish

  12. Kranthi Rajapaga Reply

    Hello RMCAdmin,

    I am planning to appear for the PMP exam this Jun’2018. Where can I order/buy RM 9th edition book in India and when can I get RM simulator exams that are in line with PMBOK 6?

    Thanks, KR

  13. Kranthi KR Reply

    Hello RMCAdmin,

    I am planning to appear for the PMP exam this Jun’2018. Where can I order/buy RM 9th edition book in India and when can I get RM simulator exams that are in line with PMBOK 6?

    Thanks, KR

  14. Hello,
    Is there any place that can i purchase 9th edition in Turkey?

    Thank you,

    • Our closest Distributor to you is in Greece:
      Theofanis Giotis, ΒΑ, MSc, Ph.D. C.
      PMP, CTT+, MCT, PRINCE2 Trainer

      Mob.: +30 693-22.13.502, Skype: FANISG
      Theofanis Giotis profile at LinkedIn Theofanis Giotis at Twitter Theofanis Giotis profile at Facebook

      CEO, 12PM Consulting and Training

  15. Hi,
    How can I buy 9th edition in Melbourne Australia, if I try to order from your store its asking me to pay a shipping price of USD 57. I allready have 8th edition but wont be able to give it before marech 2016, I allready have fastrack 9th edition now, but need to purchase the 9th edition book with as less price as possible. can you please guide me to the right direction?


    • Hi Randhir,

      If you purchased your book from us and have an order number we can reference, we will give you 40% off of list price for your V9 purchase. $99 * .6= $59.40 plus shipping. Please send that info to info@rmcls.com which is our customer service.


      • I bought the 8th edition from Amazon, can I still get some discount? or a waiver in the shipping fee.
        do you have any distributor for Melbourne Australia?

  16. Rita’s 9th edition does not seem to be out for sales. Has it been published in India?

  17. Hi,
    Where can I buy the last version in Spanish?
    Thank you very much,

  18. Hello

    I am looking to buy the 9th edition. I live in Toronto, Canada. Do you guys have any local seller here so I can wave out the 35 dollar shipping for DHL ?

  19. Hello,
    Is there any place in Italy where to buy your 9th edition?
    Thanks for your reply

    • Closest right now is South Africa:
      SQ Data & Consulting t/a SQDC Business School

      Contact: Sandro Quattrocchi MSc / Neil Hart
      Email: info@sqdc.co.za
      Phone: 27 31. 5692115

      We are in the process of adding a distributor in Ghana so you should also be able to buy from them in a month or so.

  20. Hi, when arrives 9th edition in spanish version? Better if is downloable, thank you for your response


    i’m in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh city, where can i purchase Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep 9th edition?


  22. Premalatha.SK Reply

    Do you have shipment at Qatar.Doha. Rita Mulcahys ‘s 9th edition book reflecting latest details PMBOK 6. It would be great if can specify what would be the total cost including shipment to Doha and how many days will it take it to deliver the same.

  23. karthik ashokan Reply

    Hi, I am planning to buy the 9th edition. whether it comes with ebook,since it is easier for me to learn.Please reply

  24. I am in Myanmar, Yangon and where can i purchase Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep 9th edition?


  25. Can you tell me when the PMP exam prep 9th edition will be available as an audio book?

  26. Sayeeganesh Reply


    I’m currently at Brazil and I need the english version of the 9th edition. I see the shipping charge as $53.06USD. Is there a local store in Brazil I can buy the book from?


  27. Hi,
    There is also One chapter added : Role of the Project Manager. Is it included as a complete chapter in 9th edition?

    • No it is not and this is by design. Our book is organized by Knowledge Areas, so you will find topics like the role of the project manager incorporated in many chapters throughout as it has relevancy in many places.

  28. Ameh Vincent Reply

    Am in Nigeria l will like to have the address of your distributor in Ghana which you are about to add so that I can buy the Rita 9th edition as early as possible

  29. Hello

    I am preparing for the exam based on PMBOK 6
    Can I still use Rita’s 8th edition?


    • Not really. There are quite a few changes so you should upgrade to our Version 9 of the prep book. If you purchased V8 directly from us you can call into our customer service and they’ll give you a discount for V9.

  30. Hi,
    I’m Brazilian but live in US. I was wondering to do the test in Portuguese in US, is it possible?
    Also, I’d like to prepare myself with the Portuguese 9th edition. It’s not available at Amazon and I could not find in this website.
    Do you know where I can find it?

    Thank you

    • The PMP Exam Prep and our PM FASTrack in Portuguese will both be available in September. You will be able to purchase them directly from our website.

      As far as taking the exam in the US in Portuguese, I would think you could, but I would check with PMI.org to be absolutely sure.

  31. Hi,
    Do you have an exact date in June 2018 when the PMP® Exam Prep eLearning Course will be released?

    • The PMP Exam Prep elearning will be available for sale no later than Friday, June 15th.

  32. Aditya Dhamorikar Reply


    I wanted to buy “Rita’s PMP Exam Prep” book- 9th edition in Toronto. I tried to search RMC’s distributors in Toronto online, but I could not find any. Could you give the contact information please ?

  33. I am in search of RMC distributors in Abu Dhabi to buy 9th edition PMP prep book. Can you please provide me the contact details.
    Thank you

  34. Hello, when will the Spanish version of the 9th edition be available for purchase? Webpage says that it will be released in October. Is this still accurate? I’m starting my PMP classes and would like to know if the Spanish version will be available. thanks for your help

    • You should plan on the beginning of November just to be safe.

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