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What You Need to Know about Upcoming Changes to Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep Book

It’s that time again. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is updating their book A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This occurs about every five years. It’s PMI’s way of keeping the book current with today’s project management practices.

For RMC it means that all of our books, software, and classes have to be revised to stay in alignment with the PMBOK® Guide. It also provides us with the opportunity to make other changes to our products and courses so we can deliver the best possible learning experiences. As the Lead Developmental Editor I am managing all updating efforts for our upcoming PMP Exam Prep book in collaboration with RMC Learning Solutions Owner Tim Mulcahy. And we are hard at it.

RMC’s flagship product, Rita Mulcahy’s ™ PMP® Exam Prep book, is undergoing extensive changes. Many are driven by updates found within the PMBOK® Guide, while others are made as a result of feedback from our readers and students. We also utilize all of our in-house knowledge gained after the publication of our latest edition. When we created our current version of the book, most of the modifications related to incorporating requirements into the project management process. One of our key thematic changes this year is the inclusion of content about agile practices.

For years, agile practices have been distinguished from traditional project management practices. In today’s world, many project managers blend both practices together to incorporate a more adaptive approach when managing projects. The PMBOK® Guide–Sixth Edition, which is scheduled to be released this September, will include content on agile to reflect this progressive nature of project management.

And we’ve taken the same approach. But our upcoming edition of Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep book is not just about having an agile mindset. Other emerging project management practices will be incorporated as well.

Our latest work contains new content about the management of project knowledge. While not a new concept to project management, this practice is so critical to a project’s success that our book will now describe this new process. You’ll see these changes in our integration chapter.

We also have new content relating to risk. This is an important update because risk response implementation is at the heart of risk management. You’ll also see that we’ve updated our risk content to include monitoring risks in place of controlling risks to align with current project management practices.

We’ve also added more content to expand our quality management chapter. Previously its own process, quality assurance is now integrated into our new manage quality process content since quality assurance is now often performed outside of a project.

We’ve changed Human Resource Management to Resource Management. This chapter will now include content about all types of resources, and will reflect the need for project managers to acquire all resources necessary to complete a project, not just team members. We’ve also added content that describes the process of controlling resources, which is a new concept in this knowledge area.

Estimating activity resources now occurs later in the project management process. We’ve updated our content to reflect that this type of estimating should now be performed during resource management.

Both Communications Management and Stakeholder Management have had small but important changes. We’ve updated our chapters to explain how a project manager should monitor communications and stakeholder engagement, rather than try to control communications and stakeholders. We now also explain how to plan for stakeholder engagement instead of stakeholder management. This reflects the obvious fact that stakeholders usually cannot be managed.

In addition to our book, we are also making substantial changes to our other PMP® exam prep products. Our bestselling PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software will include new and updated situational questions based on the changes reflected in the PMBOK® Guide–Sixth Edition. Our flashcards for the passing the PMP® exam, Hot Topics will now be in alignment with our upcoming edition of Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep book. And lastly, our PMP® Exam Prep eLearning Course is being completely revised to not only reflect current project management practices, but will have new enhancements to improve the user’s learning experience.

Watch for the release of the PMBOK® Guide–Sixth Edition next month, and keep in mind that the PMP® exam is expected to change in 2018. All of our new materials will be ready well before the exam changes. Look for our updated PMP® exam prep system that includes our book, exam simulation software, and flashcards at the end of this year. In the meantime, our eighth edition PMP® materials that are in alignment with the PMBOK® Guide–Fifth Edition should still be used to study for and pass the current PMP® exam.


  1. Lily Bullock Reply


    Do you know when we will have the 9th edition for the PMP exam prep from RMCL?



    • Amanda Hafics Reply

      Hello Lily,

      The 9th Edition PMP Exam Prep products will be going on pre-sale this month. Are you subscribed to your email list? If not please sign up by visiting https://rmcls.com/ and scroll to the bottom of the page. We will be sure to send you an email about our pre-sale! Thank you.

  2. Hello,

    Is RMC’s 9th Edition PMP Exam Prep products are available purchase?

    Please update.



    • Hi Mohamed,

      You may pre-order our 9th Edition books and systems here store.rmcproject.com/shop-rmc


    • The English version will be available early February and the Spanish version will be available in late Q2 2018.


  3. Hi, I would like to pre-order (only the book) from the Netherlands, but the indicated preliminary DHL express shipment costs are almost as high as the book itself…how will shipment be done after February 5? Might RMC also use cheaper ways for shipping the materials to Europe? Many thanks! Odilia

  4. Richard Gonzalez Olmeda Reply

    I would ask for information if you plan to translate the PMI-ACP preparatory book into Spanish.
    A greeting

  5. Michel Matta Reply

    I am studying in the 8th edition book.. will I need to buy the 9th edition and study in it for the 2018 pmp exam or could I just have the changes sent to me separately without having to buy the whole book and spend the same money again?


    • Amanda Hafics Reply

      Hello Michel,

      It depends on when you decide to take the exam. If you are getting close to scheduling the exam the 8th edition products are what you should be using. Please note that the actual exam change is not until March 26, 2018. If you are taking the exam after that date and if you purchased an 8th Edition PMP® Exam Prep book directly from RMC, you may purchase the 9th Edition book with a 40% discount, $59.40 plus shipping. To redeem your discount, simply contact customer service at 952-846-4484 with proof of purchase.
      Thank you

  6. Good evening, If I purchase the 9th edition of the PMP® Exam Prep Book, do I need to also purchase the PMBOK as well? Or can I pass the PMP exam with only the PMP Exam Prep Book. Thank you.

    • We generally recommend both and we do in our classes. All that said, we do know thousands have passed with just our book or our book + Hot Topics Flashcards + PM FASTrack exam simulation.

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