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How to Use Rita Mulcahy’s Exam Prep Book for the CAPM Exam

Prep for the CAPM® Exam with Rita Mulcahy’s Book Be sure you have current materials for the exam before you begin using this book. RMC products are updated to give you the most current information available, and they take into account the latest changes to the exam. Previous editions of this book are out of date and should not be used to try to pass the exam. The fourth edition of the CAPM Exam Prep book is in alignment with the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition that was published September 6, 2017, and is meant to be used to study for exams taken after May 21, 2018. How the CAPM Exam Prep Book Is Organized Most of the chapters in this book have been organized the same way: a list of Quicktest topics (generally listed in order of importance), an introduction to the knowledge area, a discussion of the key inputs,…

What Makes an eLearning Course “Good”?

What is a Good eLearning Course?

RMC offers many ways to learn new skills, and one that we’re particularly proud of is our suite of eLearning courses.

Interactive eLearning courses are hugely popular because so many people lead busy lives that make it difficult to get to a classroom or take an online course that’s offered live on a set schedule. Also, many people don’t have the funding available to travel to classes or leave work in order to attend class. Put simply, a lot of learners today need flexibility so they can study around their schedule, and they need to absorb new concepts in short amounts of time.

Basically, when you enroll in the right eLearning course, you can study the material that you need to advance your career, but you can do it from the comfort of home and at your own pace. Yet, despite their many benefits, not all eLearning courses are created equal. So, what makes an eLearning course worth your time and money?

RMC Training Partner Program

RMC’s Training Partner Program has Proven Prep Products RMC’s Training Partner Program is designed for those who want to teach an exam preparation course using our trusted, proven materials. Rita “wrote the book” on PMP® exam preparation and her approach and philosophy are the foundation for our effective, up to date study materials!  Our best-selling products have been used by over 750,000 students since 1991! Affordable Pricing for RMC’s Training Partners As an RMC Authorized Training Partner, you’ll receive substantial discounts on our proven products for your students.  Plus, you’ll use our materials as the basis for a course you design including our comprehensive slide deck, effective exercises, and our FASTrack® online exam simulator. Whether you’re teaching online in a live virtual format or in-person, and offering a once-a-week course, boot camp, or anything in between, our Training Partner Program can work for you. And you can be assured of…

What Good Are Certifications, Anyway?

It seems that certifications are under attack.  In the past several months I’ve heard that corporations are no longer interested in having their employees obtain any certifications. This rant is not limited to the PMP®.  Indeed, it is said that companies are now solely interested in skills training. On one level this makes sense.  Why should a company care whether their employees are certified project managers, business analysts or Scrum Masters so long as they are able to perform those functions? What good are certifications, anyway?

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