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Communications Management Plan in Project Management

Communications Management Plan in Project Management Communication in business and in project management can be difficult, especially when you’re collaborating with virtual teams or working on global projects. But clear communication is a critical component to a project’s success. In our previous post, we covered the essential element, Identify and Analyze Risk. By using risk identification and analysis throughout a project, you can increase the odds that it will go smoothly, that you’ll stick to your budget and anticipated resource requirements, and that you’ll finish on schedule to impress and satisfy your stakeholders. Now, it’s time to cover the importance of a communications management plan, which is yet another essential aspect of successful project execution. Did you know that a project manager spends 90% of his or her time communicating? Yet, our studies show that communication issues are the most preventable problems on projects. What’s the secret to good communication?…

5 Reasons to Care about Project Communication

Project managers spend 90 percent of their time on communication related activities; yet communication is reported to be the No. 1 problem on projects.

Consider the following example: While planning one of my projects, my core project team assessed our sponsor, “William”, to have high influence but low interest in our project. William would routinely arrive late to meetings, be distracted by his phone, and leave early saying he had more important meetings to attend. When he was present, his gloomy attitude affected the rest of the team. They did not want to speak up in front of him fearing that they may have to face his disdain.

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