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Better Project Manager? Embrace Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technology Helps You Be a Better PM Sometimes technological innovations can feel more troublesome than beneficial, especially where adoption of these innovations has a steep learning curve and requires changes in company policies and procedures.  The truth is that disruptive technologies often help you do your job better as a project manager. In fact, embracing these changes and allowing yourself and your team to evolve might be the best way to navigate what would otherwise be a stressful situation. Disruptive technologies can allow you to automate basic tasks.  It can also save time, and help you become more efficient. Businesses that adopt new technology are much more likely to succeed. AI, Cloud Solutions, and IoT There are many disruptive technologies. Three of them stand out as those that can have the greatest impact on an organization. They can give you a competitive advantage while helping you meet your goals.…

Why a Clear Definition of a Program is Necessary for PMIAA

The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA) was intended to create a uniform set of standards and guidelines for implementing programs within the federal government. PMIAA also mandated the creation of a career path for program managers. On its face, PMIAA sounds like a great idea, but there may be complications that keep it from achieving the goals sought by Congress. One issue is that PMIAA fails to clearly define a “program.”

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