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Why take the PMP Exam?

Why take the PMP Exam?

Many people wonder why they should take the PMP® exam. What is the purpose, what will it do for you, and is it worth it? 

 There’s no doubt that preparing to take the PMP® exam is a journey. And, if you let it, this journey can help you expand yourself and your abilities. 

 In preparing for this exam, you will have an opportunity to become an even better project manager, so you’ll do much more than just prepare to pass a test. In fact, this opportunity to learn is one of the best reasons to get your PMP® certification.

 Understanding Is the Key to Passing the Exam

 The PMP® exam is an international exam designed to prove your knowledge and experience in applying the art and science of project management. It focuses on situations you might encounter in the real world, rather than just asking you to repeat data you have learned.

 Therefore, to pass the PMP® exam, you cannot simply cram a lot of information into your brain and try to retain it just long enough to get through the four-hour testing period. Instead, you need to take your knowledge to the next level. You need to truly understand the process of project management, and the value that process can bring to your daily work on projects.

 Learn without Rote Memorization

 RMC’s PMP® training classes and products bring you unique games, activities, exercises, and techniques designed specifically to increase both learning and knowledge retention. 

 This approach not only gives students the knowledge they need to quickly prepare for the exam, but also the knowledge they need to become a better project manager—without rote memorization. 

 Where’s the proof? RMC has heard from students who received a bonus, a raise, or both after they passed the exam. Other students have reported that they were offered a job when hundreds of other qualified candidates had applied, simply because they were PMP® certified!

 Achieving the PMP® Certification Is a Smart Way to Set Yourself Apart

 In addition to the opportunity to improve yourself and your abilities, there can be financial incentives for passing this exam. A 2015 salary survey conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) found that PMP® certified project managers across all countries are paid, on average, 20% more than those without this certification.

 The bottom line is this: having a PMP® certification can be the reason you get a job, keep your job, or are promoted. And, with RMC’s support, you don’t have to waste any time, as you can get started today!

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