That is the question…..

Ok, I know the title is a bit corny, but hopefully got your attention.  This week BBC 2015 opens in Las Vegas, so talking about Business Analysis is timely.

The real question that comes up time after time is as a Project Manager, how often do you find yourself doing all or part of the Business Analyst role on your projects? The other part of this question is “What is the project criteria that one would use in deciding when and whether to bring in a Business Analyst on to be a Project Team member?” While this may sound simple at first glance, it is not. Many factors involved could sway this decision one way or the other.

The other side of this question is as a BA, how often to you find yourself actually performing the Project manager role on a project?  When do you insist on getting some PM help?

I’m sure there are many of you out there who have great insights into these questions plus very strong opinions on both sides.

If you’re at BBC 2015, stop by our booth #202, say hello, and tell us your thoughts in person.