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The Project Manager’s Organizational Change Responsibilities

The Project Manager’s Organizational Change Responsibilities

PM's Organizational Change Responsibilities As project manager, you have organizational change responsibilities for the projects you lead.  Your business and strategic role as a project manager requires you to have the knowledge to manage change that originates from your projects.  Knowing how to deal with organization change helps you reduce the impact to existing processes and individual employees while delivering value to your organization. Successful Change Doesn’t Just Happen – It is Planned Change is something you encounter in your organization and on your projects. Every project you do, because of its very nature is a temporary endeavor.  The creation of a new product or service involves change.  Organizations change when adapting to market factors including technology, compliance or disruption.  However, it is important to note that successful change is not a given.  Research...

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Why “Converging 360”? The nature of projects has evolved. Each one is unique and requires a team that is knowledgeable in many disciplines.


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