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Phases of the Project Lifecycle

Phases of the Project Lifecycle

Understanding the main phases of a project’s lifecycle can help you navigate any project with greater confidence, organization, and ease. You can use these phases as a guide to keep you and your team on track from start to finish, regardless of the project you are leading. So, what are the phases of the project lifecycle? We cover them below to help you tackle complex projects effectively. Project Lifecycle Phases Conceptualization Planning Execution Termination Phase #1: Conceptualization Conceptualization, or initiation, is the first phase of the project lifecycle. Here you determine if the ultimate goal of a project can be achieved. And you work on getting approval from stakeholders. In this phase, start by focusing on the problem that needs to be solved and how to solve it. Find out if you have the proper resources to do the work necessary to solve the problem.  Once you know the...

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About Converging 360

Why “Converging 360”? The nature of projects has evolved. Each one is unique and requires a team that is knowledgeable in many disciplines.


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