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Project Scope and Business Environment Impact

Project Scope and Business Environment Impact

The project’s business environment can be the most important factor affecting project scope. This impact is agnostic to your project’s development approach (plan driven, agile, hybrid). Each development approach has ways to respond to these changes. It is the project manager’s responsibility along with team leaders, team members, sponsors, and other stakeholders to identify business environment changes early, prepare adequately and adjust to them. Business Environment Influence on Scope Business Environment Influence on Scope What Causes Business Environment Change? Project Manager Business Environment Changes Ways to Engage Stakeholders Tips to Understand the Business Environment Impact What Causes Business Environment Changes? As a project leader, it is important to understand the organization’s strategic and operational objectives as well as the specific objectives of the project....

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Why “Converging 360”? The nature of projects has evolved. Each one is unique and requires a team that is knowledgeable in many disciplines.


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