Start a Project with Business Analysis

How do projects get started in your organization? A strong business analysis practice can save an organization significant time and money by weeding out low-value projects and prioritizing valuable ones based on business need and realistic, expected benefits. If you’re thinking, “well, it depends,” you are not alone. Few organizations have a well-defined, consistent way of deciding when work becomes a project.

Six Step Process for Evaluating Stakeholder Requests

Having a consistent process assures stakeholders that every request will be considered equally. As titles and job responsibilities vary in organizations, any professional with strong business analysis skills can manage this pre-project work.

Follow these six steps to develop a structure for evaluating stakeholder requests:

  1. Receive request for work
  2. Analyze the request
  3. Agree on a solution approach and develop a business case
  4. Prioritize against other projects
  5. Get approval and funding
  6. Assign a project manager and start planning

Read Barb Carknord’s article to learn more about each step and how to apply this process at the start of any or all of your projects.

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