Listening to everyone’s excitement yesterday over the win of the NBA title of Cleveland over Oakland was great.  I thought the sportscaster I listened to made a very astute observation.  While everyone believes LeBron James is a great player, maybe the best in the league, this person’s observation was that Oakland was made up of better players but that Cleveland actually has a better team. But what doe this have to do with the importance of team dynamics?

That’s a great comment and one that is likely quite true.

Team Dynamics Impact Project Success

Team dynamics are super important to the success of every company and every project.  In fact, you can make the case that team dynamics are the most important aspect of managing as success project, whether you are using standard project management, agile, lean, or any one of a variety of these methodologies.  Yes, they can be quite complicated, but they can be learned. Here at RMC, we’ve taught thousands of students these project management methodologies for many years.

Team Dynamics Can be Complex

Team dynamics are complex, which is a lot different that working with and learning a complicated system.  Complicated systems can be difficult, but they can be learned and they are predictable, whereas complex systems like team dynamics are not predictable and tend to evolve within the system and changes over time as it evolves.

Building High Performance Teams

This is why we have been working with individuals and teams to help build skills necessary to build high performing teams.  Courses that deal with building facilitation skills, leadership, team enablement, and many others can be found here.   Like Oakland, many teams are made up with great players, “Type A players” so to speak.  Being an “A Player” is enough for a great team.  People have to have great character traits, be able to leave their ego outside the room, and walk in with respect and humility for others.  That’s the begin of a great team, an environment that allows other to grow their talents and let them percolate to the top. Do that enough and you just may come home with a NBA win.