A short time ago the Project Management Institute (PMI) released the PMBOK Guide ® 7th edition (Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

PMI’s changes to the PMBOK often lead to changes in the PMP® exam as well as changes to the exam materials that help individuals prepare for the exam. Let’s cover some of the changes you may or may not see based on PMI’s recent announcement.


PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Changes

  1. Will the PMBOK 7th Edition Change the 2021 PMP Exam?
  2. PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Updates
  3. How Does PMBOK 7 Impact the CAPM?
  4. PMBOK 7 vs PMBOK 6
  5. PMP and Agile Methods

Will the PMBOK 7th Edition Change the 2021 PMP Exam?

Since its release we have been getting daily calls asking when we are going to introduce a new edition of Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep book and the associated components of our PMP exam preparation system.

The short answer is that the PMP exam is not changing due to the release of PMBOK 7.  Consequently, there is no need for us to release a new edition of the book.


PMI PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Updates

PMI has provided several updates that tell us what to expect from PMBOK 7.

March 2021:

  • The PMBOK Guide is an input to preparing for the PMP exam – and is listed as a reference – but it is not a test-preparation tool. The new PMP exam, which launched 2 January 2021, will continue to use the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition as one of several references.
  • The new exam has been planned for some time and is not related to the release of the PMBOK Guide – Seventh Edition, per the PMBOK Guide FAQs updated in March 2021.

PMI went on to note that a the PMBOK 6 will remain for sale throughout 2021.

July 2021:

  • Key Learnings and concepts from the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition remain valued and are referenced in sections of the guide (presumably referring to the Seven Edition).
  • It is important to note that the PMP exam is based on the Exam Content Outline, not the PMBOK Guide. The Exam Content Outline summarizes the research conducted to create the PMP exam and includes the most critical tasks required for project managers to master their role.
  • The current Exam Content Outline, dated January 2021, was designed to stay relevant for the foreseeable future, and PMI will give advance notice to the public before a new ECO and corresponding exam is launched.
  • The PMBOK Guide is one of numerous potential inputs into preparing for the exam – and is listed as a reference – but is not a test-preparation tool.
  • The PMP exam is created based on the exam content outline and uses many sources for question development.
  • More details are available from the PMBOK Guide FAQs updated in July 2021.

How Does PMBOK 7 Impact the CAPM?

According to PMI, the CAPM will follow PMBOK 6th edition, specifically:

  • The current CAPM exam will continue to be based on the Sixth Edition as dictated by the Exam Content Outline for the CAPM examination.
  • The Sixth Edition is a test preparation tool that candidates may leverage to prepare for the CAPM exam. PMBOK Guide FAQs, Updated March 2021
  • The current CAPM exam is based on the PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition. Continue using the Sixth Edition as your test preparation tool.
  • Further information is outlined in the PMBOK Guide FAQs, Updated July 2021.


The takeaway is that the PMBOK 6 is still relevant to the current PMP exam. Elements from PMBOK 7 may be incorporated as part of PMI’s continuous improvement process in the future, but the primary basis for the exam remains the current ECO.

RMC’s current materials are modeled on the existing ECO and because of this there is no need for us to come out with a new edition of PMP Exam Prep.

This has been borne out by the success rate of students taking the exam using our materials.  While we cannot publish the exact pass rate, we can safely say that is the highest ever in the 30-year history of RMC.

You should also be aware that our FASTrack exam simulator undergoes a continuous improvement process similar to the PMP exam itself. We are constantly adding new questions and different types of questions so that our FASTrack exam simulator remains the best product of its kind in the industry.


PMP and Agile Methods

RMC has gotten feedback that many of our students have little or no agile background and that they are seeing agile for the first time when they take our class or use our prep materials.  Many are feeling they need a better foundation in agile methods as part of their exam prep.

Please be aware that our exam prep materials assume a basic familiarity with agile and predictive project management.

For those students who feel they need to learn the basics of agile as part of their test preparation process, we have recently published the book Agile Fundamentals by Mike Griffiths. It is intended to provide additional agile content for students who feel they need it prior to taking the exam. If you are looking for a class, consider our Agile Fundamentals ILV.  You can also purchase Rita’s PMP prep book or system with the Agile Fundamentals book.

RMC is Here to Help You Prepare

Preparing for the PMP exam is important, so we’ve created a few different options you can choose from as you prep for your certification. Our best-selling PMP exam prep book or PMP Exam Prep System are great options if you want to study on your own.  Another self-study option is our PMP eLearning course.  RMC offers PMP exam prep classes virtuallyContact us today if you are looking to prepare a group for the PMP.