RMC Learning Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its new PMP Exam Prep Audio Book.   This new book complements our best-selling “PMP Exam Prep Book – 11th Edition,” and joins the PMP Exam Prep system which includes our Fastrack Exam Simulation Software and our Hot Topics flash card product.

The Need for the PMP Exam Prep Audiobook

In January 2020 the Project Management Institute (PMI) dramatically changed the way it looked at project management and the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.  Previously, PMI focused on process oriented planned project management.  Competency in other project management techniques such as adaptive project management were tested through other certifications – the Agile Certified Practitioner exam (ACP) and the Disciplined Agile exams.  Up to 2020, while incorporating some aspects of these adaptive practices, the PMP remained primarily focused on planned project management as reflected in the Sixth Edition of PMI’s Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).


PMP Exam Changes

In 2020, the PMP underwent significant changes.  Knowledge Areas were replaced by Domains.  PMI’s new Exam Content Outline (ECO) for the PMP tested people on their knowledge of three domains – People, Processes and Business Environment.  PMI continues make improvements to the PMP.

These changes to the exam required a dramatic alteration in the way we trained students to pass the PMP exam, resulting in the 11th Edition of our PMP Exam Prep book.

To complement the new 11th Edition of our book, we have incorporated many of the benefits of audiobooks. Our abridged audio version is designed to assist audio learners to absorb the material necessary for them to pass the exam. Like our other audio books, this audio version allows students to listen to book content anywhere they would listen to music or any other audiobook – in the car, on the bus, in a train or a plane.  You can also read while you listen allowing you to absorb the material from two different pathways.

Changes to the PMP 11th Edition Audiobook

Like the 11th Edition print and cloud exam prep books, the new 11th edition audio book is completely redesigned.  The book is professionally narrated providing over 18 hours of content. It emulates the written book and is organized around PMI’s latest ECO.  Like the written book, the audio book maximizes retention and avoids memorization.  You learn the material, not merely memorize it to spit it back out lateron the exam.

Also, we don’t waste your time.  The book teaches only what you need to learn to get your PMP Certification with an easy to understand, straight forward approach to the material.  This is not an academic presentation in any way.

Discover the PMP Exam Prep Audiobook

RMC’s PMP Exam Prep products are powered by Rita Mulcahy’s 30 + years of global prep training.  Find out more about the PMP Exam Prep Audiobook. We also offer PMP training classes, live and online.