If you are preparing for the Project Management Professional exam, having a proven PMP Exam tool to support the learning process is key.  One such tool is Rita Mulcahy’s Process Chart game. Rita’s game is an important tool to learn the project management process in more detail, quickly and effectively.  It helps you understand what should be done when.

PMP Exam – Rita Mulcahy’s Process Chart Game

  1. An Introduction to Rita’s Process Chart
  2. The Process Domain and the PMP Exam
  3. What You Need to Understand to Pass the PMP
  4. Study for the PMP® Using Rita’s Process Chart Game
  5. Prepare for the PMP

An Introduction to Rita Mulcahy’s Process Chart

When students discover Rita’s process chart game, they often ask, “Which parts should I memorize?” It’s a simple question, right? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so straightforward. It’s more than just memorizing―it’s realizing that to pass the exam, you need to thoroughly understand each process.

Let’s start with some basics. Understanding the overall process of project management is integral to learning the terms and concepts for the exam.

PMI® has defined five process groups in Project Management. Rita’s Process Chart is our interpretation of those groups and the associated actions that result in unique outputs attributed to each process.

Rita’s process chart game is not intended to map to other management resources. Its function is to state the efforts involved in management a project.   The game helps you learn the five process groups of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing.

The Process Domain and the PMP Exam

Prior to January 2020, the PMP exam was generally focused on planned project management.  Planned project management revolves around five process groups and nine knowledge areas.  This is still the case; however, after January 2020, the PMP exam dramatically changed.

Now the exam is organized around three Domains. These are People, Process and Business Environment.  Planned project management is part of the Process Domain along with agile and hybrid project management methodologies.  Process represents 50% of the exam content.

Planned project management remains an important part of the Process Domain.  For this reason, you still need to understand planned aspects of project management to pass the exam and why Rita’s Process Chart Game is an important tool for passing.

What You Need to Understand to Pass the PMP

The PMP exam may ask questions that present a situation which requires you to which process group the project is in.  Rita’s process chart game lays out what specific actions are in each process group and why these actions occur.  There is no specific order for the activities in most of the process groups.  The exception is the planning process group which has a set order of actions.

Rita’s Process Chart game will solidify your understanding of the overall project management process and help you identify and focus on gaps in your knowledge.

Study for the PMP® Using Rita Mulcahy’s Process Chart Game

A typical exam question will only give you some of the information. For example: “You’ve just gained acceptance of interim deliverables from the customer.” Because you’ve done some memorization, you’ll know this action occurs in the Monitor and Control process group.

Now you know where you are within the process but that’s only half the battle. The question then asks, “What should happen next?” The exam is testing your knowledge of the process and outputs associated with the action. In this example, the process is Validate Scope, and the outputs are: work performance information, accepted deliverables, change requests, and project documents updates.

If you understand the actions associated within a process, and what process groups they primarily align with, then you can use logic to quickly analyze and select the best answer.

If you know where you are in the process and understand why processes, actions, and outputs occur you’ll be better prepared to pass the exam.

Prepare for PMP Exam

The process groups are key to planned-driven project management. Rita understood this which is why she created the process chart game to help break down each element to help you more quickly learn the process groups and actions.

The tool is a complement to our PMP Exam Prep study materials and resources.  RMC offers a full suite of exam prep materials including Rita’s #1 selling PMP Exam prep book, PMP exam simulation and our PMP Exam Prep system which includes our PMP book, exam simulation and flashcards.  If you are looking for a guided learning experience, we offer live virtual PMP prep classes taught by an instructor or our PMP eLearning course. Whatever stage you are in your studies, RMC has you covered.

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