Sometimes technological innovations can feel more troublesome than beneficial, especially where adoption of these innovations has a steep learning curve and requires changes in company policies and procedures.  The truth is that disruptive technologies often help you do your job better as a project manager. In fact, embracing these changes and allowing yourself and your team to evolve might be the best way to navigate what would otherwise be a stressful situation.

Disruptive technologies can allow you to automate basic tasks.  It can also save time, and help you become more efficient. Businesses that adopt new technology are much more likely to succeed.

Disruptive Technology Helps Project Managers

  1. AI, Cloud Solutions, and IoT
  2. Artificial Intelligence Saves Time and Reduces Effort
  3. Cloud Solutions Help Improve Collaboration for Project Managers
  4. The Internet of Things is Changing the Way People Work
  5. Use Disruptive Technologies to Improve as a Project Manager
  6. Businesses Unwilling to Change Will Be Left Behind

AI, Cloud Solutions, and IoT

There are many disruptive technologies. Three of them stand out as those that can have the greatest impact on an organization. They can give you a competitive advantage, as a project manager, while helping you meet your goals.

Artificial Intelligence Saves Time and Reduces Effort

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has many definitions.  According to Websters Dictionary artificial intelligence is “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior” or “a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers.” [cite]

This definition has changed over time.   It has become more functional so that AI includes things like robotically controlled aircraft to machine and deep learning systems used by Amazon and Google. [cite] The point is that AI and AI systems are finding their way into organizations and workplaces.   And AI will affect the day-to-day jobs of all workers, including project managers. [cite] The good news is that these systems can make your life and your work easier.  With AI, you can get basic, tedious, tasks done more efficiently, with fewer errors, and less bias. That’s because AI can work with a lot of stored information to make decisions reliably and quickly.

AI can perform tasks like budgeting and scheduling.  Soon AI systems will have the ability to look at the mass of data from a your current, past and other related projects.  It can help predict issues, risks, and even potential fraud.  It even will have the ability to evaluate team members and identify patterns of behavior that could affect a project.  In short, you’ll have more time to focus on bigger, more important tasks. You can put more energy towards being a strategic leader.  That’s going to help you stand out as a project manager.

Cloud Solutions Help Improve Collaboration for Project Managers

The cloud isn’t only handy as a backup in case your system fails.  It is also a smart tool to use when you want to improve team collaboration. Once multiple users have access to the cloud, they can get what they need when they need it, no matter where they are. This helps them accomplish more, both in the office and from remote.

Put simply, cloud solutions allow the members of a team to share resources and work on tasks together.  This saves time, improves access to data and information, and helps teams and their managers complete projects in a more organized way.

The Internet of Things is Changing the Way People Work

According to Wired Magazine, The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, could be the harbinger of a fourth industrial revolution. [cite] It has already started to make its way into our lives at home and work.  It also has the potential of completely changing the way we live.  IoT is basically a network of various devices that work together to streamline processes and give you access to important information more quickly.

It can be anything from smart concrete that reports its level of degradation and when it is likely to fail.  It can also be smart lights that report when they are on and how much electricity they are consuming to security cameras that monitor and report the movements and activities of employees 24/7.  The beauty of IoT is that these devices not only talk to you, but they also talk to each other.  While there are risks with these systems, they offer the potential to greatly increase work efficiency and project success.

IoT can help project managers stay connected so they can continually collect and share data.  It can also improve the way they communicate with their teams. Finally, it can be an important tool when it comes to making more accurate decisions that are driven by data.

Use Disruptive Technologies to Improve as a Project Manager

With the use of modern technology and advancements, project managers can take on new duties, and new titles, like never before. As mentioned above, when managers no longer must spend a lot of time on routine tasks, they can really home in on strategy, communication, and other higher-level skills and digital-age skills. These include security knowledge, data science and analytics, and legal knowledge, to name a few.

The bottom line is this: disruptive technologies can help managers collaborate more effectively.  Disruptive tech can also help come up with more creative ideas and make decisions that are influenced by data. If you want to advance your career and take on new responsibilities, using these technologies is an integral step.

Businesses Unwilling to Change Will Be Left Behind

Businesses, and project managers unwilling to embrace disruptive technologies are likely to be left behind. Learning to use disruptive technologies can help boost your odds of success.

Also, organizations that are willing to implement new tech into their workplace will be more inclined to hire project managers who are already well-versed in the latest innovations.  PMs can continuously improve their skills because they have the time to focus on strategies that meet goals and are not bogged down by mundane tasks better performed by one of these disruptive technologies.

Remember, just because you’re adding new tools doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your old tried-and-true methods. Disruptive technologies don’t need to be problematic as long as you can find ways to seamlessly integrate them with older technologies that are still worth using.

Evolve Your Career with the Help of Disruptive Technology

To embrace change and use disruptive technologies to your advantage, continuous learning is necessary. At RMC, we understand that you need to go beyond project management certifications if you want to keep improving as a project manager, so we offer a wide range of virtual courses on myriad topics for managers of all levels. Beyond that, we also offer corporate training to help organizations become even stronger. Contact us anytime to learn more!



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