eLearning Course Sample Lesson License Agreement

This Copyright License Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between RMC Learning Solutions, Inc. ("RMC") and you ("Licensee").

RMC owns or licenses all intellectual property rights (including, where applicable, copyright, trademark, domain name, trade secret, and patent rights) in all materials provided by RMC in connection with this Agreement ("Course Materials"), including without limitation any and all materials or other works created by RMC relating to the delivery of this eLearning Course, including any structure or code developed or created by RMC or at the direction of RMC.

These licenses do not include the right to use Course Materials to provide any training to any person, party or entity for any purpose. Licensee may not sublicense or disclose the Course Materials (or any derivative products created from them) to third parties in any form for any reason. RMC owns any derivative products created by Licensee except any portions that include Licensee's own confidential information or pre-existing intellectual property (or that of any third party). Licensee will not alter, develop derivative products, or otherwise use the Course Materials as a whole or in part in any form or any purpose without the prior written consent of RMC. Licensee will not remove RMC's copyright and trademark on the Course Materials and will add RMC's copyright on the RMC-owned portion of all derivative works created by Licensee. The rights contained in this license are granted at the sole discretion of RMC and RMC reserves the right to revoke the license granted by this Agreement at any time for any reason.

eLearning Users are Not Allowed to Teach or Instruct from the Online Course. Although there are a number of people teaching directly (with permission) from RMC's books and other printed materials, no one will be given permission to use any of RMC's eLearning courses as an instructional tool for ANY REASON. Doing this is equivalent to sharing account access, and as stated above this is strictly prohibited.

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