PMP Exam Change 2021

PMI® will launch the new PMP exam on January 2, 2021. We have been working diligently to update Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep System and Exam Prep Courses to align with the new exam.

What have we done? RMC has analyzed the 2020 Exam Content Outline, attended seminars, engaged with leaders in the project management field.  Using this research, we have made vital updates to Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep System and Exam Prep Courses.  You can always keep up-to-date on exam changes here.

You Can Pass the PMP Exam — RMC has You Covered

RMC provides the most effective and innovative project management training available. Using Accelerated Learning Theory, we focus on teaching valuable, real-world skills and practical techniques to help our students learn more in less time. Rita Mulcahy started RMC with the modest idea of helping people pass the PMP exam. Her best-selling book, PMP® Exam Prep, set an industry standard for training material. After over 30 years, RMC is now the most respected name in PMP exam preparation.

How Did the PMP Exam Change?

A significant difference for the new PMP exam is a change from five performance domains to just three. The new domains will include People, making up 42% of questions, Process with 50% of questions, and Business Environment at 8% of questions. It’s also worth noting that PMI has indicated about half the exam will represent predictive project management approaches with the other half covering agile or hybrid approaches.

To give you some background, the content outline and exam are based on a role-delineation study of project managers and project management work that is performed by PMI about every 4 years. Through this study, PMI gathers and analyzes data describing the role and work of project managers in the workplace. PMI then creates the Examination Content Outline, which provides the underpinnings of the certification exam based on these results. It includes the percentage of questions by domain, the tasks of the project manager by domain, and the knowledge and skills associated with the project manager’s work. This is designed to keep the PMP exam consistent with the current roles and responsibilities of project managers in the workplace.

If you want further information, attend one of our free webinars on Taking the PMP Exam: What You Need to Know.   If you cannot make any of the sessions, you can listen to a recording of a previous webinar.

How Can You Prepare for—and Pass—the PMP Exam? 

We expect PMP exam changes on January 2, 2021 to be VERY significant and RMC has been working hard to give you the best materials possible. We have updated every part of our system to align with the new Examination Content Outline from PMI.

Project managers meeting the PMP exam qualifications can start preparing for the new exam now!  Our PMP Exam Prep book and PMP Exam Prep System for the 2021 exams are available for pre-order.  We recommend using Rita’s Way™ to complete your study. You can find all our PMP test preparation materials on our website or call RMC’s customer service at 952-846-4484.

PMP Exam Prep Book, 10th Edition

Our tenth edition has exam tips, practice exams, exercises, and valuable content that will help you pass the PMP exam on your first try. We have added content to align with the new domains of People, Process, and Business Environment from the Examination Content Outline, as well as agile content pertinent to passing the new exam. The tenth edition of the PMP® Exam Prep book is now available.  English; Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) translation availability is expected in the first quarter of 2021). The new book is aligned with the new Examination Content Outline, as well as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Sixth Edition)(PMBOK® Guide).

Hot Topics Flashcards for the PMP® Exam

As a complement to the book, our popular Hot Topics flashcards for the PMP® Exam have been updated to cover agile concepts. Completely mobile, these flashcards supply over 350 + questions and answers to test your knowledge and find your gaps. Our new Hot Topics flashcards (in English) is now available. The Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) translation availability is expected in the first quarter of 2021. Pricing, formats, and discounts are still being determined.

PM FASTrack® Cloud Exam Simulator

The PMP® Exam is changing significantly requiring significant changes to our exam simulator. We have added hundreds more questions on both agile and predictive project management. Some of the questions are in a drag-and-drop format as will be found on the new exam. The power of using our book along with our robust exam simulation software cannot be underestimated.

We provide valuable exam tips throughout our book as well as a section on what to expect on the exam. Our exam simulator is more than thought-provoking questions; it is a true simulator where you get to experience as closely as possible what it’s like to take the real exam. Our new exam prep simulator (in English) is now available.

PMP® Exam Prep eLearning Course

RMC’s PMP Exam Prep eLearning Course is perfect for the visual learner. We are making the necessary updates to incorporate agile content and information based on the Examination Content Outline domains. With interactive, engaging exercises and quizzes, the PMP® Exam eLearning course makes preparing for the exam fun. Hours of lively audio, valuable information, interactions, and quizzes make this an RMC best-seller! Plus, integrated into the course are our PMP® Exam Prep, Tenth Edition book, Hot Topics flashcards, and the updated FASTrack exam simulator.

The new PMP® Exam Prep eLearning course is expected to be released in January 2021.

Virtual Classes with Top Instructors

Many of RMC’s instructors have been personally trained by Rita Mulcahy. All our courses use Rita’s Accelerated Learning Theory, so you don’t have to spend your time memorizing a lot of material. Nowhere else will you find the passion to help you succeed. Our instructors want to help you pass the PMP exam AND become a better project manager. With decades of knowledge behind us, RMC provides the optimal learning experience. Plus, you can take our classes virtually! More information on our Live Virtual Classes for the New 2021 exam will be added to our schedule soon.

Need our Support? Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

If you purchased 9th Edition PMP Exam Prep products from us or have attended an RMC class based on the 9th Edition products and fail to get your PMP® certification before the exam change for any reason, we will support you and offer free or discounted upgrades to the newest products designed for the 2021 exam update (subject to provisions).


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