Are you ready to dive into a career in project management ?  Do you want to take your existing career in a different direction that will allow you to earn a higher salary and gain more recognition? Then it is time to consider getting your CAPM certification to become a Certified Associate in Project Management!

A Brief Look at the Benefits of the CAPM Certification

More and more opportunities are opening up in the field of project management.  You’ll want to differentiate yourself from other candidates who are looking for the same positions. Even if you have little to no experience as a project manager, preparing for this certification can give you the know-how and confidence to get your CAPM.  Consider this certification if you want new skills in project management.  It’s also a great place to start if you’re already a project manager but you want to handle more complex projects and larger teams.  Becoming a CAPM is a wise move.

What Types of Jobs Can You Attain with a CAPM?

With your CAPM, a variety of doors will open when you’re ready to start a new career or enhance an existing one.  

In project management, you can consider pursuing positions like the following.  Keep in mind that these aren’t the only career paths that are possible with a CAPM:

  • Junior project manager you plan and organize projects, as well as direct and lead teams, for a company, but you’ll likely work under the direction of a senior project manager
  • Senior project manager you use your previous experience and high-level skills to lead more than one project at once or lead more complex projects
  • Technical project manager you work on various projects, ensuring they’re completed correctly, while also acting as an expert when it comes to technology needs and requirements
  • Associate project manager you will likely assist higher level project managers and program managers, working on a variety of tasks to help complete large projects
  • Program manager you come up with a strategy for a program, and you oversee multiple projects to ensure a business initiative is met
  • Project coordinator you take care of smaller aspects of bigger projects while working under the direction of a project manager to help complete projects within budget and on deadline

In addition to the positions described above, individuals who have a CAPM might also be able to pursue jobs as consultants, PMO specialists, business analysts, and much more.

Some careers that might require, or at least prefer, that you have a CAPM include:

  • Acquisition program analyst
  • Senior project management analyst
  • Management and program analyst
  • Project controls analyst
  • Senior project management consultant
  • Project consultant
  • Enterprise architect
  • Deputy project manager
  • IT project manager
  • Agile project manager
  • Support technical manager
  • Infrastructure project manager
  • Project controller
  • Program delivery coordinator
  • IT project coordinator

See? It really is worth it to put the time and effort in to get this credential on your resume!

Let RMC Help You Get Your CAPM Certification

To meet the CAPM certification requirements, you need:

  • a secondary degree, which could be a high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent
  • complete 23 hours of project management education by the time you take the CAPM certification exam

Then, the next step is to prepare to take the exam offered by PMI. To get started, check out the exam prep courses offered by RMC Learning Solutions. RMC offers self-study materials and eLearning courses that allow you to move through the content at your own pace.  We also offer virtual classes that have you interact with an instructor in real-time.  Pick the exam prep approach that is just right for you. 

RMC instructors will guide you through everything that you need to know to successfully pass the CAPM certification exam on your first try. And, by learning what you need to know for this exam, you’ll also develop skills that will make you a more effective project manager. 

Excited to Level Up?

Any certification in project management can help you go farther than you would without it. But if you aren’t quite ready for more advanced certifications, like the Project Management Professional (PMP), the CAPM is the ideal place to start your journey.