Interactive eLearning courses are hugely popular because so many people lead busy lives that make it difficult to get to a classroom or take an online course that’s offered live on a set schedule. Also, many people don’t have the funding available to travel to classes or leave work in order to attend class. Put simply, a lot of learners today need flexibility so they can study around their schedule, and they need to absorb new concepts in short amounts of time.

When you enroll in the right eLearning course, you can study the material that you need to advance your career, but you can do it from the comfort of home and at your own pace. Yet, despite their many benefits, not all eLearning courses are created equal. So, what makes an eLearning course worth your time and money?

To illustrate what makes an eLearning course “good,” let’s go over the features of our CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning course that put it ahead of our competition. Keep in mind that these features aren’t gold plating; they’re specifically designed to improve concept retention and increase engagement in your learning.

What is a Good eLearning Course?

  1. Different Pace Than Traditional Learning Modes
  2. The Best eLearning Courses Come with Valuable Resources
  3. Make Learning Fun
  4. Changing the Landscape of Learning

Different Pace Than Traditional Learning Modes

eLearning courses have a different pace than traditional learning modes. Users can learn at their own pace rather than relying on a classroom and instructor to set the pace for them.

This can be both good and bad, however. Poorly designed courses encourage the user to set it and forget it. These courses make users lazily listen to content on a page without requiring any direct feedback or input from the user. Would you be able to retain information this way? We’re guessing you’d have a hard time. Obviously, your goal is to learn as much as possible, and force-feeding you dry content without any required action isn’t going to help you reach that goal.

Well-designed eLearning courses, on the other hand, have interactive elements to keep users engaged in the learning. These interactions shouldn’t be too hard to understand. You shouldn’t need a user manual to get through each page. But effective interactivity allows you to engage in what you see on the page, which will hold your attention and make you feel involved in your learning.

The Best eLearning Courses Come with Valuable Resources

eLearning courses should provide resources that aid in your learning journey.

The right course will help you learn the content, as well as give you the tools necessary to practice, reinforce, and apply the concepts in your day-to-day work life. That’s why RMC’s courses feature a wealth of such resources.

As an example, our CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning course features multiple testing environments, helpful online tools, printable forms and exercises, PDF templates and examples to help apply your new knowledge in the real world, and so much more!

Make Learning Fun!

Learning is the most important concern when taking a course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun too! Games and exercises that provide a bit of flair and excitement to the course help you stay engaged and keep you on your toes.

We’ve all experienced that mind-numbing class that felt like it would never end. Why not live a little? Our CAPM® Exam Prep course features more than 150 games and exercises that will keep you from nodding off and help you learn new concepts or test your knowledge.

Changing the Landscape of Learning

One powerful way eLearning courses have changed the landscape of learning is through the review and reinforcement of concepts.

Remember, there’s no set pace in an eLearning course. A student can take a course in numerous five-minute segments, complete their journey in one sitting, or anywhere in between. These extremes create the need to ensure reinforcement and consistent building of concepts throughout the learning experience. Our CAPM® Exam Prep course strives to build your learning one page at a time.

“The mark of a good eLearning course is to effectively teach the concepts, regardless of how a user chooses to learn it. A user should be able to absorb all the information in one sitting, if needed, or through individual lessons over many weeks. Our CAPM® Exam Prep course consistently builds on the concepts presented, refers to previous concepts learned, and shows how they connect. In this way, you can ensure you will get the proper context of each lesson no matter how you choose to style your learning.”

Check Out an RMC Course to See What We Mean

Our CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning course has these and so many more features that will prove invaluable in your learning journey.

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