FASTrack® Software Technical Support


We offer live support between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, US Central Time, Monday through Friday (except US Holidays).

For fast resolution call 952-641-6426 or email or complete our contact form.

Be sure to include your contact information, any license keys, serial numbers and/or order invoice numbers, as well as a description of the problem. We will respond to all support inquires within one business day – most often responding on the same day.

Information in this FAQ is applicable to various versions of FASTrack (CD, downloadable and Cloud).

Most Common Issues

What's the difference between FASTrack Cloud and Downloadable/CD Software?

Although RMC previously offered FASTrack exam simulators in Downloadable and CD formats, we have since replaced the installed software model with online subscriptions:

  • FASTrack Cloud (internet browser-based subscription)
  • Downloadable/CD (installed Windows software with time-limited license)

All currently-supported exam types are available in the FASTrack Cloud subscription format. If you have a FASTrack Cloud subscription and need support, please call 952-641-6426, email or complete this contact form.

We no longer offer self-service support for Downloadable/CD FASTrack software. All versions of Downloadable/CD FASTrack software are now obsolete and should not be used to study for current exams.

Problems Downloading, Installing or Registering the Downloadable/CD Software

As noted above, we no longer offer self-service support for Downloadable/CD FASTrack software. Phone and email support for these products will be limited to determining your eligibility for upgrading and helping with account set-up, questions, etc. related to currently-available online subscription products. If you need help selecting and purchasing FASTrack Cloud subscriptions,  please call 952-641-6426, email or complete this contact form.

We have discontinued the Downloadable/CD software registration process as of December 2018.

System Requirements for FASTrack Cloud

  • Requires a device (computer or tablet—6 inch screen minimum) connected to the Internet. FASTrack is not optimized for use on phones or other devices with small screens.
  • Requires up-to-date web browser
  • Cross-platform compatible – works on late versions of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Account and testing information stored on internet, not locally on device

Complete FASTrack Support FAQ

What is the latest release of the PM FASTrack® software? Can I get the latest release for free?

Following are our current FASTrack offerings compatible with the latest versions of their respective exam types:

  • PM FASTrack® Cloud for the PMP® Exam, v10
    English, Spanish, and Portuguese translations are all currently available
    Arabic translation will not be produced
  • PM FASTrack® Cloud for the CAPM® Exam, v4 (English)
  • Agile FASTrack® Cloud for the PMI-ACP® Exam, v2 (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic available)
  • BA FASTrack® Cloud for the PMI-PBA® Exam, v1 (English)

Information on upgrading to newer versions of FASTrack is available here.

Should I upgrade to the latest version of FASTrack?

Be sure to research and make sure that the version of the software you are using applies to the current exam offering. This is especially important during times of transitions between exam standards, as major changes to tested items often occurs. If you need help, contact us at 952-846-4484 or email

Is there a product tutorial available for FASTrack?

There are various contextual help links available within the software interface.  In PM FASTrack for the PMP Exam there is also a video with helpful tips for getting the most out of the software.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to USE the FASTrack software?

FASTrack Cloud can withstand interrupted internet sessions without losing data, but the best experience will be with constant internet connection. Note that internet connection interruptions will cause you to be unable to use the software until connection is re-established.

Can I get a complete list of all FASTrack questions? Can the questions be printed?

No. For security reasons, the questions contained in the FASTrack database cannot be printed, packaged, or exported to a master file for any reason.

Can the FASTrack software be shared?

No. All versions of FASTrack are single-user applications. Licenses/Subscriptions may not be transferred, re-sold, shared, or used by more than one person (the original user) in any way.  Here is a link to the End User License and Subscription Agreement for all users of the software (in English with available translations in other languages).

Can I purchase a multi-user license for the FASTrack software?

RMC does not offer a multi-user or corporate site license for FASTrack. A single-user license must be purchased for each user of the software. However, RMC does offer various bulk discounts or partner discounts. For more information, contact us at 952-846-4484 or email

My license has expired and I have not yet passed the exam. Can I get an extension to my FASTrack software?

RMC offers a 30-day extension for $75 (for PMP Exam).  All other exam types are 90-day extensions for $50. This can be purchased up to two times per user. More information is available here.

I am thinking about purchasing the PM FASTrack® software through eBay or Is this a problem?

We would advise against it. Firstly, we no longer sell or support CD/downloadable versions of the software. Secondly, if the software for sale has been used by someone else, it would be a violation of the license agreement and international copyright law to sell or use that software license. You will most likely have problems registering the license. is a legitimate reseller of some of our products, and they do not sell used FASTrack software. However, we have seen several independent sellers post used licenses/accounts for sale using’s Marketplace, eBay, or other shopping sites. Unless you are purchasing the license directly from RMC,, or a different legitimate reseller, until you receive the license key, there is no way to determine whether the installations have been used. RMC will not support users if they are using the software in violation of the license agreement.

Furthermore, we have discontinued the Downloadable/CD software registration process in December 2018.

Can I use the FASTrack software in a library or lab setting?

No. Sharing of Cloud licenses is not allowed.  Every person who wants to use the software or view the question database would have to purchase their own license serial number. 

Here is a link to the End User License and Subscription Agreement for all users of the software (in English with available translations in other languages).

I am done with the FASTrack software (took the exam and passed), and I have subscription time left. Can I give the subscription away or sell it to someone else?

No. The FASTrack subscriptions may not be given away, sold, or transferred in any way if the software has already been used.

Can I teach a class or lead a study group using the FASTrack software?

FASTrack may not be:

  • Used in a classroom without permission.
  • Projected in class without permission.
  • Reprinted without permission.
  • Shared in any way. It comes with a single-user license.
  • Reused or transferred to another individual after initial use.

Please ask us about our Partner Programs to receive quantity discounts on purchases and gain permission to use our materials in ways beyond what is available under copyright laws. For more information, contact us at 952-846-4484 or email

Why does RMC need my user information? What is done with the user information that I enter during software registration?

Since the FASTrack software is a single-user license, RMC needs to be able to verify the user of the software. Should you require support, RMC will need to verify the information entered when registering the software. Therefore, if you falsify ANY required information, RMC reserves the right to deny support for this product. RMC does not share your user information with anyone.

Support Policies

Here is a link to the End User License and Subscription Agreement for all users of the software (in English with available translations in other languages).

Only products purchased new through RMC or an authorized dealer (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, etc.) will be supported by RMC. In addition, only the original owner of the software will be supported.

Should you require support for the FASTrack, RMC will need to verify the information entered when purchasing and registering your license. Therefore, if you falsify ANY information RMC reserves the right to deny support for this product.

RMC will not grant subscription extensions or support for any reason to any purchaser of FASTrack who has already obtained the certification associated with the software in question.

For support, email or call 952-641-6426. Be sure to include your license serial number and a full description of the problem you’re experiencing. We will respond to all support inquiries within one business day, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., US Central Time.

Software License Extensions

For Cloud subscriptions, your subscription will expire after the time indicated by the particular product purchased. A 30-day FASTrack extension can be purchased directly from RMC for the cost of $75 (for PMP® Exam) or $50 (for other exam types) by contacting Customer Service directly during regular business hours.  To see how much time remains on your subscription, simply log into the Cloud interface and click on your name near the top right of the screen.  This leads to your account settings and product information.

Downloadable/CD software is no longer eligible for free upgrades to available Cloud subscription versions.  We may offer discretionary discounts in certain cases where we can verify the direct purchase of the CD/Downloadable software from RMC and also verify use conditions of the software.

Also note RMC will not sell an extension to: any FASTrack user with fraudulent activity associated with their original registration, any FASTrack user who gave false or misleading information when registering their license, or any FASTrack user who has a license that has been expired for longer than six months. Due to concerns with fraudulent use and sharing, RMC will not grant extensions to any purchaser of FASTrack who has already obtained the certification associated with the software in question.

FASTrack Upgrade Information

General Information

Some FASTrack Cloud users may qualify for upgrades to a newer version. If you’re within one version of the software currently sold by RMC and have time remaining on your subscription, you might qualify for a free or discounted upgrade. See below for further details.

If you purchased FASTrack Cloud—either as a stand-alone, or as part of an Exam Prep System—and do not pass the exam before the exam was changed to the latest version, RMC will transfer the remaining days of your subscription to the version designed for the new exam at NO CHARGE.  This also applies if you received your license key in a class offered by RMC or authorized RMC partners.

* Note: Your upgrade will NOT be done automatically—you must contact RMC to request it. For more details, contact RMC at 952-641-6426 or

Free Upgrade Conditions

Your FASTrack Cloud will be upgraded to the latest version at no charge if the following conditions are met:

  • You have time remaining on your existing license.
  • You have not passed the exam in question.
  • Your license has not been shared or violated in any way.
  • You purchased FASTrack directly from RMC.
  • The software for that exam type is still sold by RMC, and your license is within 1 major version release of the currently sold software.
  • The subscription purchased was a FASTrack Cloud subscription and not a Downloadable/CD license.
  • For any upgrade, the time remaining will be manually set to whatever subscription time you have remaining on your existing version at the time of the upgrade. Exceptions will be considered in cases where software for the latest exam was not immediately available at the time the exam changed.
Free Upgrade Exceptions

RMC will not offer free upgrades to expired licenses, shared licenses, violated licenses, licenses belonging to people who have already passed the exam in question, software for exam types that are no longer sold/supported by RMC, or licenses not purchased directly from RMC or an Authorized Training Provider/Product Distributor.

Also, as stated above, we no longer offer upgrades for the Downloadable/CD versions of FASTrack.