There are many tools and techniques to elevate your project management skills. Agile is a powerful method to use as a project manager when you want to help your teams operate more effectively.

What’s agile, exactly? When project managers take the agile approach, they’re managing projects by breaking them down into multiple stages.

At each stage, there’s an emphasis on collaborating closely with stakeholders, while refining smart strategies that will make it easier to meet a project’s goals.

PMI-ACP® EXAM Prep System

Why Should Project Managers Care About Agile?

Many project managers pursue agile training. They get their PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification because their organization is implementing the agile process. Others opt to get their certification in this area because it can help them stand out against the competition when job hunting or when they’re ready to move their career in a new direction.

Agile Training Courses Offered by RMC

If you’re new to agile or already have experience in it, get the best agile training in fundamentals and advanced agile principles. Building capabilities in the agile approach will expand your collaboration tools. It will empower your teams, increase team satisfaction and keep you current in your role.

Find a range of agile courses offered by RMC including:

  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) Exam Prep – At RMC, you can fully prepare for the PMI-ACP® certification exam. Learn the ins and outs of agile for project managers so you can take and pass this exam whenever you’re ready to expand your potential.
  • Agile Fundamentals eLearning Course – Dive into the fundamentals of agile project development, practices, tools, and techniques. Whether you’re totally new to agile or you have some experience in it, this course can help you use agile methods to deliver more value with every project.
  • Hybrid Agile eLearning Course – Learn the process of building a hybrid agile approach, whether it’s for your organization or for your projects. This coursework will give you the skills necessary to combine the best of agile and non-agile techniques.
  • PDUs and Skills – Once you’ve obtained your PMI-ACP® from PMI, you’ll be required to earn 30 professional development units (PDUs) every three years. The PDUs have to be in agile topics. RMC goes beyond certification exam prep courses, giving you access to a range of other courses to help fulfill this requirement.

Agile Resources

Virtual Classes
PMI-ACP Exam Prep
PMI-ACP Exam Prep System
Agile FASTrack Cloud
Exam Simulator

Note: When it comes to PMI-ACP® exam prep courses, no matter which path you choose, we guarantee that you’ll pass the exam on your first try!

We Offer More Than Just Agile Certification Courses

In addition to agile certification prep, RMC offers a variety of other courses that you can use to enhance your skills as an agile practitioner. Examples include:

  • Effective Agile Requirements: Analyzing Beyond User Stories
  • Risk Management Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Awareness
  • Collaborating with Stakeholders for Better Results

Ready to Discover More About Agile for Project Managers?

An education in the agile process might be exactly what you need to become a project manager who’s capable of confidently facing any challenge in even the most advanced projects. Whenever you’re ready, RMC will support you with the coursework that will get you there.

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