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The field of project management is steadily growing, and one of the best ways to dive in is by becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). With this credential on your resume, hiring managers will know that you’re ready to handle the ups and downs that come with managing projects, so you can set yourself apart when making your next career move.

Whether you have a lot of experience or none at all, getting certified is one of the best ways to improve the way you work, as well as access new opportunities to advance. And if your ultimate goal is to become a Project Management Professional (PMP), getting a CAPM certification can set you on that path.

It all starts with fulfilling the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) CAPM requirements, which include getting the right education and passing the CAPM exam to become certified. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Below is a short CAPM certification checklist that will help guide you through the process.

CAPM Exam Prep

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What Are the CAPM Certification Requirements?

To become a Certified Associate in Project Management, you need to pass the CAPM exam. But, before you can do that, there are certain prerequisites that you need to fulfill.

PMI has indicated that the CAPM® Exam WILL CHANGE in 2023.

There are two CAPM eligibility requirements that must be met:

  • A secondary degree (this can be a high school diploma or associate’s degree, or the global equivalent to either of those options)
  • 23 contact hours of formal project management education

Where can you get the contact hours you need to become eligible to take the CAPM exam? At RMC, we offer a variety of project management courses, including a CAPM exam prep course. These can help you get the hours you need to move forward.

What Is the CAPM Certification Cost?

When you’re ready to take the exam, submit an application to PMI. They’ll review it and let you know if you qualify to proceed. Then, you’ll need to pay a fee to take the test:

  • If you aren’t a member of PMI, the fee for taking the CAPM exam is $300.
  • Becoming a PMI member costs $139, but you can save money when applying for the CAPM exam because it will cost only $225.

Note: If you’re a full-time student enrolled in an accredited degree program, you also have the option of paying $257 for PMI’s Student Bundle, which includes $225 to cover the exam and $32 for a student membership. A good way to save!

Exam Resources

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CAPM Exam Prep
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Get the Right Training to Pass the CAPM Exam on Your First Try

If you fail the test the first time, you can take it again. PMI lets you take the CAPM exam up to three times in one year. Each time you retake the test, you’ll need to pay $150 if you’re a member or $200 if you’re a non-member. However, if you fail all three times, you’ll need to wait a year before you can try again.

To save money, time, and frustration, it’s best to pass the exam the first time you take it. But how can you be sure that you’ll be able to do that?

The answer is simple: When you enroll in RMC’s CAPM exam prep course, you’ll receive expert training on everything you need to know to pass this exam on your first try. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to help you achieve this goal that we guarantee it!

Is the CAPM Required for the PMP?

Getting your CAPM can definitely be a step toward getting the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from PMI.

Although getting your CAPM isn’t a prerequisite for moving through the PMP process, it is useful, as it can help you save time and effort. More specifically, instead of getting 35 hours of project management training, you can use your CAPM certification to fulfill this requirement, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Don’t Forget About Continuing Education Requirements

Once you pass your CAPM exam, you might think that you’re all done. But PMI also requires that you complete continuing education to maintain your certification. Every three years, you’ll need to earn 15 PDUs to remain a CAPM.

The great news is that, once again, RMC can help! To get your PDUs, you can enroll in courses on a range of topics related to project management, from productivity and time management to communication skills and negotiation.

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