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The agile approach is a powerful tool that improves project collaboration and team productivity. Adjusting your mindset to better utilize agile practices can help your teams operate more effectively. Though organizations have many reasons for wanting to adopt an agile system, organizational change can be daunting. Creating an agile environment in an organization begins with changes in culture and process. Our training in fundamentals and advanced agile principles can strengthen current practices for those with experience or develop a foundation for those who are new to the agile process and ready for a change. If you are looking to take the next step in your career or maybe ensure your organization’s success on agile product development, we’re here to help!


Agile Fundamentals - Live Virtual Instructor-Led Class

Learn why, when and how to implement Agile on your projects. Evaluate approaches, use Agile chartering, create personas, develop a product backlog and more!

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I have purchased other study guides on the market and none compare to the quality that you produce. Rita set the standard/benchmark.

-Landis B.

I have several colleagues that have been through Rita's training and highly recommended it, and they all went on to get their certification.

-Kristy H.

RMC is on top of their game! Their instructors are phenomenal, and the material is well organized.

-John M.

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