Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Simulation

Take the Surprise Out of the PMP Exam

Whether you’ve been preparing for the PMP® exam for months or you’re just getting started, you probably feel nervous about getting ready for the exam. It’s to be expected. Rita’s exam simulator helps you get comfortable with the test environment and gain confidence with the content. It will help you become familiar with and practice how to answer tricky questions.

Improve your test performance with a true simulator that mimics your exam experience. Rita’s PMP® exam prep simulator has what you need to be PREPARED to PASS the PMP® exam the first time with CONFIDENCE

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Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Simulation Options & Pricing

Our exam simulation flexes to your prep needs. We have exam simulation cloud subscriptions for what you need when you need it.

1 Exam + 8 Focused Tests
Basic – $99

  • Take one full simulation exam
  • Take up to eight focused exams of your choice
  • Detailed performance stats
  • Downloadable Gaps Report
  • 2,200+ Question Database
  • One year license in which to complete your simulation exam and 8 focused tests. 

3 Month
Unlimited Tests – $149

  • Take unlimited simulation exams
  • Take unlimited focused exams by domain, process group, knowledge area, approach, keyword, and question ID
  • Downloadable Gaps Report
  • Detailed performance stats
  • 2,200+ Question Database
  • Three month license

6 Month
Tests – $259

  • Take unlimited simulation exams
  • Take unlimited focused exams by domain, process group, knowledge area, approach, keyword, and question ID
  • Downloadable Gaps Report
  • Detailed performance stats
  • 2,200+ Question Database
  • Six month license

12 Month
Unlimited Tests – $299

  • Take unlimited simulation exams
  • Take unlimited focused exams by domain, process group, knowledge area, approach, keyword, and question ID
  • Downloadable Gaps Report
  • Detailed performance stats
  • 2,200+ Question Database
  • Twelve month license
  • Experience a test environment with the features and capabilities that replicate the PMP® test environment.
  • Practice using realistic PMP® style questions that center on predictive, agile and hybrid content.
  • Use the most comprehensive simulator with 2,200+ questions, unlimited 230-minute exams of 180 questions, and explanations for all questions.
  • Refine your own exam test strategy, suited to your test-taking preferences.
  • Sharpen your knowledge and focus your study with robust reports that help identify knowledge areas, domains, process groups or approaches.
  • Get continuously updated content and features backed by over 30 years of PMP® exam prep experience.

Prep with the Pros

RMC has been prepping professionals for the PMP for over 30 years.

Our exam simulation software offers you the right mix of quality questions available in a realistic exam setting with robust reporting to help you test your knowledge, deeply understand your strengths, and focus on your areas of weakness.

True Exam Prep Environment

Online test simulator mirrors the PMP exam experience.

  • Encounter the same style questions including matching, multiple choice, fill in the blank, drag and drop, and hot spot question types
  • Experience the exam pressure and length with unlimited 230-minute exams with 180 randomized questions
  • Practice exams feature two 10-minute breaks, which you can choose to take or skip
  • Access to text strikethrough, highlight, and mark for review features
Realistic PMP Style Questions

Study using PMP style questions that assure you are well prepared for the real exam.

  • Agile, hybrid, and predictive questions closely align to those on the PMP exam
  • Questions are referenced to the PMBOK and Agile Practice Guides
  • Take focus exams by Domain, Process Group, Knowledge Area, and Key Word
  • Over 2,200 quality questions written by PMP experts
Robust Reporting and Analysis

Real-time data improves your knowledge and test results.

  • Information shows your strengths and weak spots, so you know exactly where to focus your studies
  • Each question comes with a detailed explanation of correct and incorrect answers, referenced by the question’s source
  • Summary reports compares overall test performance
  • Detail reports break out how well you did by test, question, domain, development approach, process group, and knowledge area
Improve Retention. Less Study Time
Accelerate Your Learning.
  • Full and focus area test questions are completely randomized
  • Take up to six full exams with no repeat questions to help you learn, not just memorize information
  • Simulation helps you identify the best answer from the choices given

Bonus Features

I prepared myself only with this PMP® Exam Prep System, and after 10 weeks of study, I earned my certification in the first attempt. I used the FASTrack to reinforce what I learned through the book by doing more exercises, and prepared myself for the long exam by doing two simulations. I loved the flexibility the online version provided me, since I could study whenever and wherever I wanted.

Cibele C.

I took the exam in September 3rd, 2021 and I passed the exam in my first attempt with “above target” in all areas that I was evaluated (People, Process, Business Environment). The questions of the exam simulator are very similar to the questions of the PMP exam. It means situational questions where it needs to choose an answer from different options, drag and drop questions, and hot spot questions. In addition, I was able to follow my progress taking mock exams and quizzes with the exam simulator and I was able to determine what areas I needed to focus and to improve. I highly recommend all these study materials to be prepared for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

– Luis B.


I wanted to let RMC know that I passed the test over the holiday weekend. The questions were very similar to the content covered during class & via the supplemental materials. The flash cards & practice tests were especially helpful.

— Marissa P.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many full exam tests do I need to complete to pass the PMP?

It depends on the way you choose to study. If you choose to study with RMC’s Exam Prep instructor-led virtual class or our PMP eLearning Course, we recommend you follow the study plan and areas of focus developed in class. Your study plan should include taking 2 to 3 tests with an exam simulator to achieve a score of 75% or higher before you take the test. Play Rita’s Process Chart game once a day, tracking your score until you achieve a score of 80%.

If you use Rita’s Exam Prep book, we suggest that you read the book once through without doing any Practice Exams. When confident with the material, take each chapter practice exams in one sitting. This will help identify knowledge gaps and where more studying is needed. Continue studying the book, and the PMBOK® Guide, focusing on those gaps, then retake the practice exams in the book. If you do not score 70% or higher overall on the chapter practice exams, consider PMP Exam simulation or a PMP Exam prep course.

Is the PMP exam simulator worth it?
Depending on how long you plan to study before taking the exam, exam simulators can range in cost from as low as $19.99 to $280.00 and offer 1 month to 12 months of access to the software.  As a PMP, you can earn a higher salary—23% more, on average—than project managers who aren’t certified. Of course, you will want to make sure the PMP exam simulator you choose has the best features, but even at the highest price of $280.00, it is well work the investment when you look at industries that pay higher than the average for PMP certification:

Resources Consulting Pharmaceuticals
Roughly $135,000, on average Roughly $134,000, on average Roughly $133,000, on average
Aerospace IT  Healthcare
Roughly $122,000 to $130,000, on average Roughly $117,000, on average Roughly $117,000, on average

You can also improve your pay through experience. The more experience you acquire, the better, because employers will be inclined to pay you more. Another way to boost your earning potential is by becoming skillful enough to manage bigger project budgets and lead larger teams.

What is the best exam simulator for the PMP?

A good exam simulation tool will help you overcome test-taking fear, build your test-taking confidence, and help identify your knowledge gaps to keep you on track.

An effective exam simulator should allow you to practice in a very similar environment to the real exam. That includes the type of questions, the number of questions and the topics covered in the exam as well as the features and functionality that appear in the exam.

The simulator should identify the correct answer and explain the correct and incorrect answers. The explanation will also direct you to a related content’s source (PMBOK® and Agile Practice Guides).

Is the PMP exam really hard?
The PMP Exam is not an easy test. It consists of 180 PMP exam questions (multiple-choice, matching, multiple responses, fill-in-the-blank, hotspot). You have 230 minutes, which is almost 4 hours, to complete it. The exam covers predictive, agile and hybrid agile topics referenced to the PMBOK and Agile Practice Guides. Make sure you have a study plan, prepare by getting the right test guidance and support, you’ll increase the odds of passing on your first try.
How many hours study for PMP?

According to PMI, successful candidates spend 35+ hours, on average, prepping for the PMP certification exam. You can make the most of this time by enrolling in our exam prep course, testing yourself with PMP exam sample questions, and taking a PMP practice exam more than once. That way, you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect.

3 Month Access – $149