CAPM® Exam Change in 2023

The new CAPM exam begins July 25th, 2023.

PMI has significantly changed the 2023 Exam Content Outline (ECO), including:

  • Transition from knowledge areas to domains.
  • New agile and adaptive approaches.
  • New business analysis frameworks & requirements management.
  • New question types including matching, hot spot, animated video, and more.

Take the current CAPM exam before it changes.

RMC recommends that you study and take the test before it changes.
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The current exam is established & well-understood.

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There is enough time to apply, study & pass the exam.

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RMC makes it easy to upgrade to our new 2023 exam prep.

Current CAPM exam study materials

CAPM Exam Prep Book

Our most popular CAPM Exam Prep book.

CAPM Exam Simulator

6-month subscription to our FASTrack CAPM exam simulator.

CAPM Exam Prep

6-month subscription to CAPM Exam Prep, Hot Topics, and our exam simulator.

CAPM Exam Prep eLearning Course

Study on your own schedule with our top-rated on-demand course.

New 2023 CAPM exam prep materials & classes

New CAPM Exam Prep Materials

July 2023

  • CAPM Exam Prep, Fifth Edition book
  • PM FASTrack® Exam Simulator for the CAPM Exam, Version 5
  • Hot Topics Flashcards for the CAPM Exam, Fifth Edition
  • CAPM Exam Prep System, Fifth Edition

New CAPM Training Classes

August 2023

New CAPM Exam Prep – 5th Edition Instructor Led Courses

3 Days
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST
24 Contact Hours

New CAPM On Demand Courses

Coming Soon

CAPM Exam Prep eLearning Course, Fifth Editio.

Upgrade to RMC’s new CAPM exam prep

In most cases, you may upgrade to the newest version of CAPM exam prep products, if you purchased directly from RMC.
CAPM Exam Prep Materials

Receive 40% off these materials when you meet the criteria:

Fourth edition CAPM® Exam Prep book (print only).

  • Fourth edition Hot Topics CAPM Flashcards (print only).
  • Fourth edition PM FASTrack Cloud- CAPM Exam Simulator
  • Customers will be responsible for shipping costs.
  • Proof of purchase required.
  • Discounts do not apply to older versions of CAPM products.
CAPM Exam Prep eLearning

Free upgrade to the CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning Fifth edition, if you meet the requirements:

  • Transfer the time remaining on your existing subscription to the new course.
  • Upgrade will be handled electronically as soon as the new course is available.
  • Provide your name & email address associated with your RMC cloud account.
  • Upgrade does not apply to older versions of CAPM eLearning (Editions 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).
CAPM Live Online Classes

RMC’s class is guaranteed for any CAPM exam prep training class you take.  Specific details include:

  • If you fail, RMC will honor all guaranteed support actions.
  • Free class registration and materials for the new exam version if the old version is no longer available.
  • After-class group student support sessions to help keep you on track for the current exam or transition to the new one.
  • To qualify for our class guarantee, students must take the version of the CAPM®exam for which their class was designed.
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Free CAPM Webinar

Everything you need to know about the CAPM exam
Topics include:

  • Is the CAPM certification right for me?
  • What are the changes to CAPM ECO in 2023?
  • How to prepare for the CAPM exam?
  • What are the new exam question types?
  • What are the best test options?