PMI-ACP Classes

Differentiate yourself and prove that you’re a highly qualified project manager by training to become a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP).

With this certification, you can use your versatile skills to boost productivity, communication, efficiency, and collaboration, improving the way that you manage teams and complete even the most challenging projects.

Ready to take the next step? RMC will make sure you’re properly prepared.

Enroll in One of RMC’s PMI-ACP Exam Prep Courses

At RMC, you can enroll in a comprehensive, instructor-led, live virtual course that will fully prep you for the PMI-ACP exam. Our accelerated, 3-day program teaches you the latest and greatest ways to implement agile strategies, principles, and techniques.

  • Course materials—which include our PMI-ACP® Exam Prep book, PMI-ACP FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software, and Hot Topics Flashcards—provide clarity on how to implement agile principles in the real world.
  • Instructors provide expert strategies and tips that can help you pass the exam the first time you take it. We guarantee it!
  • Practice exams give you a feel for what the real PMI-ACP exam is like, so you can take the test with greater confidence.
  • Case studies, games, and exercises make testing your knowledge more fun, so you can assess how well you’re progressing and tackle your weak spots to improve.
  • Upon completion of this course, you’ll also receive 21 contact hours/PDUs.
Price: $899
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT
Contact Hours/PDUs: 21

What is PMI-ACP Training?

Whether your organization already uses agile or is planning on applying agile principles, when you have the right training, you’ll be ready to lead in this area, making yourself a valuable asset. And if you’re searching for a new job or career path, getting your ACP certification can also help you stand out when you apply for opportunities.

The best PMI-ACP exam prep courses are designed to teach you how to effectively apply agile techniques to just about any project. And they also show you what you can expect when you take PMI’s exam for this type of certification. In addition to discovering the many ways that you can use agile to your advantage in the workplace, you’ll become familiar with the topics, concepts, and questions that you’ll be tested on to see if you’re qualified enough to become an ACP.

According to PMI, the ACP exam covers a range of topics, such as test-driven development (TDD), lean, extreme programming (XP), Kanban, and Scrum. A high-quality course will cover all of these topics and more, to help you fully prepare for what’s ahead.

A must have for PMP (and beyond).
While I was reading this book, I felt like talking to my best friend, who is very talented in this field. A friend that speaks your tone, knows where you are going to make mistake, and reminds you about a possible mistake that everyone makes. It is one of the best books I ever studied. If I had known this book earlier, I would have passed PMP in my first attempt.

-Ranjan A.

I have several colleagues that have been through Rita’s training and highly recommended it, and they all went on to get their certification.

–Kristy H.


Just got my PMP certification. RMC’s exam prep system was very well designed to helped me prepare well for the exam! The simulation or practice exam pattern is similar to the original PMP exam. The training, material and helpful tips they have provided are simply amazing.

-Subani S.


How Do I Prepare for the PMI-ACP Exam?

By knowing how to use agile to your advantage, you’ll become a better project manager in the real world. And, to more easily prove that you have what it takes, getting your certification is definitely helpful.

Unfortunately, PMI exams can be tough! But, with guidance from talented instructors like those at RMC, you can move through the course content that will show you what you need to know to pass this exam on your first try. Once you complete our training, you will be well on your way toward getting this sought-after certification.

To help you prepare for the agile PMI-ACP exam, we’ll cover a broad range of topics, including how to apply agile while avoiding common mistakes. We’ll show you how to understand and answer the types of questions that are asked on the exam so you can finish the 120 questions on time, and with a passing score!

Complete our ACP Exam Prep Course to Pass on Your First Try, Guaranteed

With RMC, you don’t have to spend a long time preparing for the PMI-ACP exam. Our course will show you what you need to pass this test with the least amount of study. If you’d like to learn more about our ACP classes, or any of our other training programs, you can check out our FAQs or you can contact us anytime to have all of your questions answered.