Virtual Classrooms

RMC offers a variety of instructor-led online classes for professional development, whether preparing for an exam, furthering your skill set, or looking for a topic refresher. These are the perfect option for when you aren’t able to make it to one of our location-based classes. Topics include PMP® Exam Prep, Business Analysis, and Agile Fundamentals - to name a few. If you or your team would prefer in-person training, view the schedule to see when a class will be near you or contact us for corporate options, and we can come to you.

Collaborating with Stakeholders for Better Results (Delivered Live Online) – 12 Hours

2 Days 9:00AM - 4:00PM

12 Contact Hours/PDUs

$799.00 (Government Discounts Available - 952.846.4484)

Balancing the science and art of project management requires project managers to collaborate with stakeholders and meet their expectations. This course examines using project management tools such as the project charter and statement of work to identify gaps in stakeholder expectations and requirements and propose modifications. Throughout the course students will practice how to identify and address challenges with resisting stakeholders. Students will practice how to determine the root cause of the resistance, identify opportunities to address and hold the stakeholder accountable to the agreed upon expectations. This highly engaging course offers practical application as well as tools and resources. Anyone working with stakeholders will be able to use this information on the job immediately. Course Pricing: $799

Upcoming 2-Day Classes

Delivered Live Online

Dec 16, 2019

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Awareness (Delivered Live Online) - 6 Hours

1 Days 8:30AM - 3:00PM

6 Contact Hours/PDUs

$349.00 (US) (Government Discounts Available - 952.846.4484)

$349.00 (International)

Two of the most essential leadership skills are joined together in this workshop to enhance your effectiveness as a leader. This workshop will elevate your leadership skills by examining strategies and tactics to increase organizational awareness by improving emotional intelligence. Participants will practice how to use emotional intelligence and empathy as well as evaluate their self-awareness of how they react to emotions so they can tailor their communications to appropriately influence stakeholders. These cornerstone skills will leave leaders better able to deliver project objectives and deliverables with less conflict and a more cohesive team. As a result of this course, students will be able to:  examine strategies and tactics to increase organizational awareness by improving emotional intelligence, assess and identify opportunities to manage the appropriate level of empathy during facts and feelings conversations, and enhance self-awareness of reactions and emotions to appropriately influence stakeholders. Course List Pricing: $449   Sale Price $349 

Upcoming 1-Day Classes

Delivered Live Online

Jan 14, 2020

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