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Are You an Effective Leader?


With the continued demand for business growth in a rapidly evolving marketplace, leadership plays an important role in an organization’s development and change. But what makes a good leader? It’s an important question and one we think about often throughout our lives. We all have our own take on what makes a good leader, shaped by our education, work, participation on teams and in organizations, our personal relationships, even our parenting.

I think this infographic put together by the New England College’s Online Master of Science in Project Management does a good job of identifying some key leadership qualities.

Examples of Leadership Qualities:

  • One top leadership skill involves leading from a deep understanding of the ethical issues facing your audiences and a firm commitment to your company’s compliance initiatives and mission.
  • Good leadership happens at ALL levels of the company. Whether you work for a company or a government agency or a nonprofit, a culture that empowers individual leadership at all levels helps ignite personal and professional growth. And this growth ultimately brings about a sense of well-being and satisfaction on and off the job.
  • To support an organization’s growth, effective leaders also foster a culture of change, supported by appropriate rewards, incentives, and professional training.

So this is what we would like to know: How does your organization manage change? What are the skills and characteristics of the good leaders in your organization or even your life, and how do they inspire you? Remember, leadership can be found anywhere, not just at your job but also in your community. Who are the leaders you admire and what are their leadership qualities?

Here are some questions that might be even more interesting: Who are the people in your life who are in leadership positions? From your perspective, what qualities make them an effective leader? If you could change something about their behavior, what would it be?

None of this happens in a vacuum. Read more about the top contributors to organizational development and change and how you can lead the way from the New England College’s Online Master of Science in Project Management’s infographic.



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