Your CAPM certification journey includes knowing the CAPM certification costs and requirements. The CAPM is a globally recognized entry-level certification to help launch your career in project management.  It empowers professionals like you with the knowledge to work effectively with teams on any project in any industry.

CAPM Certification Costs and Requirements

  1. What is the CAPM Certification?
  2. CAPM Exam Costs
  3. CAPM Exam Certification Requirements
  4. More Ways to Earn CAPM Certification Hours
  5. How to Prepare for the CAPM Certification

What is CAPM Certification?

The CAPM exam demonstrates the competency and foundational skills in project management.  The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the CAPM certification for individuals who want to gain more responsibility or add project management skills to their current role.  In July 2023, the CAPM certification exam will change to integrate content across project management including agile and business analysis.

On 25 July, the new CAPM certification exam will be available and will better support customers in their career journey by going beyond the PMBOK® Guide to integrate content across project management including business analysis & agile.

The value of CAPM certification exam extends beyond validating project management best practices. Common principles and processes can also improve work from one project to the next.  It can also increase opportunities for new roles and responsibilities, improve leadership skills and enhance salary opportunities.

CAPM Exam Costs

PMI charges a fee to apply for the CAPM. You have 1-year to pass the examination and you may take the examination up to three times.  Following is a breakdown of costs:

  • $225 for PMI members
  • $300 for non-members

Other related fees associated with the CAPM exam include exam retakes, cancellation fees for scheduled exams, certification renewal and exam preparation materials and training.

Exam Retakes:  You will be charged for each exam retake.  PMI notes the discounted fee for an exam retake is subject to regional and membership pricing rules.

Exam Cancellation: If you reschedule or cancel your exam within 30 days of your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a fee of $70.

Certification Renewal: Every three years, your CAPM certification must be renewed. PMI members pay $60 and non-members pay $150 to renew the CAPM certification.  You are also required to complete 15 professional development units related to project management for learning, teaching others, or volunteering.  You can pay for an eLearning course or a bundle of classes to fulfill the 15 PDUs.

Exam Preparation:  For an additional fee, you can pay for CAPM exam prep materials or training courses. Prices vary depending on the type of preparation.  Self-study materials include a study guide which costs between $40 – $80, exam simulation costs about $150 and an on-demand eLearning course costs up to $600.

CAPM Exam Certification Requirements

To take the exam, you must meet the requirements as outlined by PMI.

  • A high school diploma, GED or global equivalent
  • 23 contact hours of project management education

Note: You can meet the 23 contact hours when you take a CAPM Exam prep instructor led class or a CAPM Exam prep eLearning course.  Both options provide materials and instruction to help you prepare for your exam while fulfilling the 23 contact hours of formal education to complete your certification application.  You need to complete your coursework hours at the time of your exam.

More Ways to Earn CAPM Certification Hours

According to the CAPM ECO, the 23 contact hours can include content from project management topics including: quality, scope, time, cost, resources, communications, risk, procurement and integration management.  When looking for courses, workshops, training sessions and self-study guides, look for a reputable education provider such as PMI Chapters and partners, training companies and employer programs.

How to Prepare for the CAPM Certification

You can take the current CAPM certification exam until July 24, 2023 using RMC current classes, materials, and eLearning courses. After that, you can count on RMC to provide you with the most current exam preparation materials. RMC has analyzed the Exam Content Outline and is updates to our Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep System and our Exam Prep Courses.

Stay current on CAPM exam updates by attending our free webinar Taking The CAPM® Exam: What You Need to Know.


CAPM Examination Content Outline

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