Prep for the CAPM® Exam with Rita Mulcahy’s Book

Be sure you have current materials for the exam before you begin using this book. RMC products are updated to give you the most current information available, and they take into account the latest changes to the exam. Previous editions of this book are out of date and should not be used to try to pass the exam. The fourth edition of the CAPM Exam Prep book is in alignment with the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition that was published September 6, 2017, and is meant to be used to study for exams taken after May 21, 2018.

How the CAPM Exam Prep Book Is Organized

Most of the chapters in this book have been organized the same way: a list of Quicktest topics (generally listed in order of importance), an introduction to the knowledge area, a discussion of the key inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for that knowledge area; exercises and review materials; and a practice exam. Let’s review these key components of the chapters.

Introduction and Chapter Quick Tests

The introduction provides an overview of the knowledge area covered in the chapter.  It may also include key concepts and information you will need to understand the material. The list at the beginning of each chapter indicates the topics covered in the chapter and our impression as to their general order of importance. To test your knowledge of the chapter contents and to review what’s most important, refer back to this list when you’re finished with each chapter.

Discussion of Key Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs 

The CAPM Exam prep book discussion highlights the key inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for each knowledge area, with page references to the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition. The content primarily focuses on the most important and difficult aspects, and  it addresses particular areas that are the most troublesome for test takers. Also note that tips and tricks that can shorten your study time and improve your exam score have been incorporated into the material as well.

Consider the CAPM Exam Certification?

If you are considering the CAPM exam, check out the requirements and application process. The look at your study options. RMC has the leading CAPM exam prep book.  We also offer exam simulation, our live virtual instructor-led course and our eLearning class.

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Note: All page references in this document refer to the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition unless otherwise stated.