If you’re planning to take the CAPM Exam, now is a great time. PMI recently announced the CAPM exam will be changing in January 2023. There are many options to help you get test ready. One such proven study method is Rita’s original prep book for the CAPM exam.

Originally created by Rita Mulcahy, it is designed to guide your studies by making complex information easily digestible. As you consider your options, here are some valuable tips on how this book can help you pass the CAPM exam.

Prep for the CAPM with Rita Mulcahy’s Exam Prep Book

  1. How Rita’s CAPM Exam Prep Book is Organized
  2. Introduction and Chapter Quick Tests
  3. CAPM Exam Key Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs
  4. Exclusive Test-Taking Tips

How Rita’s CAPM Exam Prep Book Is Organized

Most of the chapters in this book have been organized the same way:

  • List of Quick Test topics and introduction to the knowledge area
  • Discussion of the key inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs by knowledge area
  • Exercises and review materials
  • Practice exam by chapter

Let’s review these key components of the chapters.

Introduction and Chapter Quick Tests

The introduction provides an overview of the knowledge area covered in the chapter.  It may also include key concepts and information you will need to understand the material. The list at the beginning of each chapter indicates the topics covered in the chapter. To test your knowledge of the chapter contents and to review what’s most important, refer to each Quick Test list when you’re finished with each chapter.

CAPM Exam Key Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs

The CAPM Exam prep book highlights the key inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for each knowledge area, with page references to the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition. The content primarily focuses on the most important and difficult aspects.  It addresses areas that are the most troublesome for test takers. The CAPM Exam Prep book contains exclusive prep tips and tricks can shorten your study time and improve your exam score.

Exclusive Test-Taking Tips

Each chapter is filled with exclusive tips and tricks to guide your learning.  We call these Rita’s Tricks of the Trade®. Our multi-certification experts have developed this practical advice from teaching hundreds of thousands of students. We’ve developed these insider tips that help you learn more in less time.

There are plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge and understanding.  End-of-chapter tests include questions similar to those you can expect to encounter on the exam. You also get a detailed explanation of the correct answer as an additional learning tool.  Finally, we offer a step-by-step study plan to help you feel confident in your test prep.

RMC Exam Prep Difference

Rita believed exam certification training should be real, not hypothetical. That’s why our approach to test prep is like a talented friend in the field that teaches you what you really need to know for PMI® certification exams.

We work hard to make complex information easily digestible using a conversational tone to guide your studies. In addition to our leading CAPM exam prep book, RMC offers many methods of study so you can find one that works best for you. This includes exam simulation, our live virtual instructor-led course, an eLearning course, or our complete CAPM exam prep system. Each option allows you to learn more, faster – Rita’s unique approach to studying. And your studies are backed by 30 years of test prep expertise.

Finally, check out our FREE one-hour “Taking the CAPM Exam” webinar, where we cover what you need to know for the exam.

Sources:  https://www.pmi.org/certifications/certified-associate-capm

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