You have decided to get your PMP certification, and realize you need to prepare. You’ve considered using an exam prep book. Maybe even have tried to prepare solely with it.  After some initial study you decide that you need the instruction and guidance of a professional trainer, but an instructor-led course just doesn’t fit into your busy schedule.  A PMP Exam Prep eLearning course might be a good option.

Instructional Quality

At the core of a quality eLearning course is how it’s designed. Think of eLearning instructional design as the equivalent of a college course syllabus. The course should be structured to teach, review and reinforce key concepts of the PMP exam. Some people learn through reading. Others need to hear the information. Others require interactive games. The goal is to get the information to you in a way that you can understand and apply to the PMP exam environment.  An easy way to experience an eLearning course if to sample the course.  Look to see if you can download and try out the course before you buy it.

Remember, there’s no set pace in an eLearning course. You can take a course in numerous five-minute segments, complete your journey in one sitting, or anywhere in between. Make sure the course consistently build concepts through out the learning experience.

Rita’s PMP® Exam Prep eLearning course is designed by professional instructional designers to build your learning one page at a time. We use visuals, exclusive exam tips, case studies and interactive tools to break down the complex exam material in a way that makes it easier for you to understand and retain. Within each lesson, we offer quick tests. This powerful tool allows you to test your knowledge at the beginning and that end of each lesson. Consider sampling our PMP Exam prep eLearning lesson.

Comprehensive Study Materials

A comprehensive eLearning course should also include study materials to support your preparation.

For example, having exam simulation as part of your eLearning course is a critical element of your exam prep journey. That’s because you’ll want to continue to test your knowledge and reinforce concepts after you have completed your course. Taking practice exams allows you to ‘test’ your comprehension. You can practice how to read complex exam questions, so you understand what PMI is looking for and provide the correct answer. Additionally a good exam simulator also helps you identify areas where you may need to study.

RMC has you covered. Our powerful exam evaluation tools will help build your test-taking knowledge and confidence. The course includes our FASTrack exam simulator, access to digital versions of Rita’s Exam Prep book and HotTopics flashcards. You can cross-reference these materials to fill your knowledge gaps to help you study and recall important exam concepts and difficult terms.

Access Rita’s Process Chart game and test your knowledge of the project management processes.  Find a library of downloadable resources including a study plan, a notebook to document areas of weakness,  plus additional bonus content.

Aligned with Current PMI Standards

PMI updates its exam content frequently. The best PMP exam prep eLearning course should align with the latest edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) and the PMI Examination Content Outline.

Keeping up with PMI’s standards is a time commitment for a training company. For example, PMI recently announced that about half of the 2021 exam will cover agile or hybrid approaches.

We modified our materials to align with those changes by adding agile content pertinent to passing the PMP. RMC’s eLearning course has lots of new content to align with the new domains of People, Process, and Business Environment from the Examination Content Outline, as well as agile content pertinent to passing the new exam.

RMC’s PMP eLearning is current. It has new functionality that automatically calculates your overall average score from the quizzes you take throughout the course. This score is always visible so you can track your progress. Our FASTrack exam simulation aligns with the new shorter full exam timing of 230 minutes (previously 240), 180 question full exams (previously 200) and two separate timed exam breaks (previously 1 break). Rita’s exam prep book and flashcards also align with PMI’s exam changes.

Interactive and Engaging Experience

Preparing for the PMP exam takes time and effort. The concepts and information on the test are intentionally complex and difficult.  The best PMP exam prep eLearning course needs to be fun to help you stay engaged with the material. Look for fun exercises to help reinforce learning. You want to learn, not memorize

The course should be rooted in real-world case studies and project examples to show you how to apply your knowledge. In this way, you get the added bonus of practical knowledge that can be immediately used on your current and future projects.

RMC uses many exercises including Planning Poker, Bingo, Drag and Drop, game board and a bowling game to have fun while you learn. We also have professional audio that makes the learning experience fun and feels like having a friend guiding you through the course.

We believe exam certification training should be real, not hypothetical. Our goal is to make complex information easily digestible using real world language to guide your studies.

Post-Course Study Plan

After you complete your eLearning course, you’ll need a study plan. The best PMP exam prep eLearning courses supplement the course with tools, resources and a plan to help you achieve your goal of passing the exam on your first try. Make sure the course you choose has a process that can be tailored to your specific focus areas. The plan won’t be very helpful if it doesn’t address your knowledge gaps.

RMC’s course covers exam readiness and a study plan. We offer a step-by-step plan that incorporates course tests, exam simulation, downloadable tools, exam tips and ECO domain check list in to your study plan. We recommend your study plan include taking 2 to 3 tests with an exam simulator to achieve a score of 75% or higher before you take the test. Also play Rita’s Process Chart game once a day, tracking your score until you achieve a score of 80%.

Other Things to Consider

As you evaluate your options, you will want to make sure you earn all 35 contact hours toward PMI’s exam requirement upon course completion. You will also want to have unlimited online access — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — to your eLearning course from a laptop or other portable digital devices.

RMC’s has one of the best PMP Exam Prep eLearning Courses in the market. We take the time and effort to make a first-rate eLearning course.  Contact us to learn more about RMC’s eLearning course or check out our latest course yourself. Best of luck on your exam!

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