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Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam can be time consuming and stressful, especially when you’re already busy with work and day-to-day life.  It may be impossible to carve out several days from your schedule to study using a more structured PMP exam online training prep course. And honestly, you may simply prefer to learn at your own pace, as time permits. Unlike our live, virtual PMP certification training online courses, you won’t need to attend classes at specific times. Instead, you can study whenever you want, so you have ultimate control.

When you make the decision to take the PMP, Rita Mulcahy’s study materials have helped people successfully pass the exam for over 30 years. We have options that offer flexibility to study for the PMP exam without sacrificing rigor.  PMP online training options that allow for self-paced study from home may be an optimal way for you to learn and retain new information, under less pressure. That’s why we offer cloud-based subscriptions designed to teach you what it takes to pass PMI’s PMP exam on your first try.

So, what exactly is a cloud-subscription and what digital self-study options does RMC offer? Let’s take a closer look.

PMP Exam Online Cloud Subscriptions

If you’ve thought about enrolling in a PMP course, but you’d prefer to move through the material on your own, taking as much or as little time as you need, RMC’s cloud subscription products are a good option for you. Our PMP online training gives you secure web browser access to study using flexible time-based subscriptions.  Purchase only what you need for the time frame you plan to study.  You can choose from a 12-month or 6-month cloud subscriptions to fully prepare for the PMP exam. RMC’s cloud subscription gives you 24/7 access via desk top, lap top or tablet.

Rita’s PMP Exam Prep Online Cloud Subscription Book

The PMP Exam Prep online training using RMC’s Cloud Subscription gives you the online version of Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® Exam Prep book designed for passing the PMP exam. This unique Course in a Book is one of the only PMP prep books on the market.  The book ensures you will optimize study time to pass the PMP. The material has been fully updated, and you can study the same content that’s in the paperback version with the added convenience of an online format.  The book also includes:

  • Hundreds of sample questions, thought-provoking exercises and exclusive time-saving tips to help you pass the PMP exam on your first try.
  • Tricks of the Trade® for passing the exam that help you identify gaps in your knowledge, so you can focus on what you need to know in order to become certified.
  • Accelerated learning methods teach you valuable skills and practical techniques to help you learn more in less time.
  • Predictive project management, agile and hybrid agile content.

PMP Exam Prep Online Exam Simulator

Why be surprised when you take the actual PMP exam? Don’t be! Identify your gaps before the exam finds them for you. Exam simulation is a perfect PMP online training tool that allows you to test your knowledge and get comfortable answering realistic exam questions. Practice using randomized and full time-based exams.

A true simulator lets you experience as closely as possible what it’s like to take the real PMP exam.  RMC offers access to multiple, completely randomized 180-question timed-tests as on the exam.  You can also select study modes to take focused exams by Domain, Process Group, Knowledge Area or Keyword. If you haven’t experienced exam simulation, now is the time to give it a try using our free demo.  FASTrack simulator also includes:

  • Robust reports that help you focus study on weak areas.
  • Ability to you start study on one device and continue on another.
  • A test environment with the features and capabilities that replicate the PMP® test environment.
  • 2,200+ questions, unlimited 230-minute exams of 180 questions, and explanations for all questions.
  • Plus, questions are all cross-referenced with Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep digital book.

PMP Exam Prep Cloud Flashcards

Finally, there’s RMC’s Hot Topics flash cards. Flashcards are a tried and true study option that helps you study and recall the most important concepts and difficult terms on the PMP test. Our flashcards are arranged in a question and answer format by topic area with more than 15 cards per topic. Completely mobile, these flashcards supply over 360 questions and answers to test your knowledge and find your gaps.

PMP Exam Prep System

Another PMP Exam online training option is the PMP Exam Prep System.  The system combines the power of all three products: Rita Mulcahy’s time-tested and proven exam prep book, exam simulator and flashcards in a cloud subscription format.

Start by studying the book thoroughly.  Don’t worry, it’s written to be read like a standard learning text, not a reference manual.

Then, when you’re ready, take a baseline exam in the online exam simulator and focus your study from that point using the detailed exam results.  These results have brief explanations of why you may have answered particular questions incorrectly, plus they are cross-referenced with the online book pages so you can easily find detailed information.  Use the download sheet provided in the exam simulator as a guide to focus your book study on your weak areas and then reinforce the concepts with the Hot Topics flashcards.

After your focused study, take short topic-based or keyword-based tests in the simulator to verify your progress.  When ready, take another full 4-hour, 200 question exam and see how confident you are to sit for the real thing!

If you take this prep approach, you’ll find you have the additional confidence to successfully pass the PMP exam.

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RMC’s has been helping people prep for the PMP exam since 1991. We designed our online cloud subscriptions to give you the tools and knowledge you need to confidently take the PMP exam. Once you pass the test and get your certification, experience the benefits of the being a certified Project Management Professional! Feel free to contact us anytime for guidance and support.

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